Kids Fashion Week, Day 5: I’m too cool

Day 5 of the Kid’s Fashion Week had lots of Hannah Montana and Camp Rock music! The kids were a joy to see all prepped up and very confident on the stage.


Pristine was asked to twirl an umbrella while walking on the ramp.

in the catwalk

I didn’t get good shots of Pristine on the ramp because of the huge crowd near the stage. And also because I don’t have a camera lens that functions the way I want it to!

At the end of the show, the kids danced to Hannah Montana’s Hoedown Throwdown. Pristine’s been practicing the dance a lot at home. She like the music a lot. It was a joy seeing her dance on the stage, just enjoying herself and very oblivious of the crowd!

Hoedown Throwdown

If only I could post the video of their dance here. But we recorded it using the conventional video camera, having a DV tape. You need to come to our house to see the video! LOL.

The kids after their dance number:

Hoedown Throwdown

Photographers from local newspaper companies were there to take photos and the kids were ready for them. Afterwards, the Hannah Montana song was played again and they danced again!


They never seem to tired of that tune and kept dancing that the host had to say, ” a round of applause for the children, please” so many times!


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