Dubai summer tough for kids

At least for my kid.

The onset of summer in Dubai usually means, aside from the soaring temperature and hideous humidity that comes with it, exodus of expat women and children to their home countries or to more thrivable places.

We, however, did not plan on going anywhere during the course of Pristine’s summer vacation (from mid-June until school opens again in September).

Pristine’s last day of school was June 18, 2009 – that’s about 10 weeks ago. Up until the end of June, she was pretty ok at home, watching DVD’s (no TV channels installed in our TV), coloring books and practicing reading. Then came July. Luckily, she was chosen to participate in a modelling even so for 3 weeks, she practiced for a modelling show and did a modelling gig for a week. She enjoyed the time spent with her newfound friends and discovered her love for all things makeup and spotlight. No boring day!

Then came August. On the first week, she was resting at home, just watching DVD’s and napping a lot. On the second week, she was looking for her friends. My mom called almost everyone of her classmates in school and the kids living in the same apartment building but ALL of them were on vacation, including one boy who spends a lot of time at our home (his parents leave him at my mom’s care).


~ with one of her close friends, Eissen ~

Last week, she started asking my mom to take her outside, never mind the heat! And constantly asking when Eissen will come back and play with her.

A few days ago, my daughter erupted.

We are not used to seeing her having tantrums because it RARELY ever happens – only when she’s in pain maybe thought that is not even classified as a tantrum even because she only screams while crying. Suddenly, she was fed up at home. We couldn’t take her outside to the park because it’s too hot. My mom refuses to go out and take a cab on the way to the mall because it is too hot to walk outside and wait for a cab. We do take her out at night after our work but obviously, she needed more.

“I want someone to play with me! I don’t like being alone, alone, alone!!”  <<repeated over and over while crying>>

My mother was very worried since this is the first time Pristine bursted out like that. It was such a sad sight to see. Tomorrow, some of her friends living in the same apartment building will be returning from vacation. Her loneliness at home should be eased a little until she’s back to school on September 6.

I’m counting the days.

Make us think – Dubai summer is a huge challenge for kids. We should have something going on next summer for her.


  1. It’s a whole new look over here! I was confused, I thought I lost you.

    Little Pristine just has a case of ants in her pants I’ll bet. The girl wants to romp. Or maybe she wants a new modeling gig.

    Not being able to go outside must be frustrating for everyone. I know it’s hard on you as well since us moms can manage to feel guilt over weather. School time is almost here…



  2. Awwww, poor kid! I remember when me and my sister were her age-It was very hard being at home. Even though we had each other and it was definitely not as hot as it is there, kids need companionship or like Pristine, they will burst.
    I hope that she can find something to do and someone to play with to occupy her time before school starts!



  3. Poor Pristine… Poor Grandma, I’m glad she will have a friend home soon. I cannot imagine not being able to go outside and play, but that heat is just unbearable!! I’m glad you at least get to come home earlier to be with her during Ramadan.



  4. Oh God! It makes us very uncomfortable when anybody is not feeling well in our family. I hope your daughter is well now. It was tough for me to stay in the home for the whole day when I was child. I understand your daughter’s feelings. Just remember every coin has two sides. God bless her!



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