Our door bell rang yesterday at 11 am. It was an expected ring but a couple of hours late. Pristine rushed to the big, brown piece of wood standing like a giant in front of her, pushed the key to the key hole and excitedly opened the knob.

reunited playmates

She had been waiting for this moment for a month!

Oh the agony of being an only child trapped indoors during summer in the UAE! When all her friends in school and in our apartment building left Dubai to spend their summer somewhere else, she felt like an animal left behind while all the others have left to board Noah’s ark. Thank God for the opportunity to participate in a Kid’s Fashion Show last month but after that the days seems to be in slow motion.


Sure there are lots of events at the temperature controlled malls (read: overly cold, -20C temperature difference from that of outside) masked as kid-tertainment but they are in no way free or cheap or even healthy. For families with both parents working, it is tough to say goodbye to your child in the morning knowing that the next time you’re going to see her is at least 12 hours later. It’s hard to think that while your eyes are busy looking at all the cars, interesting people on the streets and random things, your child is at home probably staring at a blank wall.

Don’t get me wrong, we love living in the UAE (Dubai) but there’s something about summer that’s:

  • lonely -> too long school vacation, friends not around
  • expensive -> there’s a need to travel (which can be a problem if both parents can’t take off from work!) and need to spend lots of money for summer camps and for mall trips
  • boring -> ZERO outdoor activities. The beach sand will scorch their soles of their feet, can’t go to the park with the heat and very high humidity. One can only watch so many DVD’s at home. As a young child, Pristine loves Elmo, Barney, Disney & heck, even Captain Jack Sparrow but nothing beats playing outside, running in the grass, going to the park…

School will be open on the 6th of September yet so that’s more than a week from now but at least they have each other now (Pristine and Eissen, her play mate both have no siblings of their own). All will be well.


My wish is that, if Dubai is powerful enough to build an indoor ski resort, let them make a temperature controlled indoor park for children to enjoy in the summer months! By “temperature-controlled”, I mean normal temperature that’s not too hot and never too cold! Wouldn’t that be lovely?

If you’re a parent in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, how do you keep your kid/s entertained during summer?


  1. Oh… I’m so happy he came back safely! Look at that face! It’s just so clear why they’re buddies, just from looking at the picture.

    I think businesses try to overcompensate for the heat. It’s a breezy 90 here and some stores and restaurants are like 60. I can’t go anywhere without a sweater!
    You’d think Dubai would have a large climate controlled 80 story building full of entertainment for the kiddos.



  2. Sorry I don’t have any advice for what she can do during the summer months, it’s so hot here, too, but no where near as hot as what you have. We are able to cool off in the outdoor pools that are close to our home, and the walk or short car or bike ride is not too oppresive.
    I’m so glad that Eissen is back from his vacation to play with Pristine, I love their funny faces in the first picture.
    I agree with you about the indoor park being built in Dubai — if they can build a ski resort, certainly something for the children would NOT be a difficult task. Oh, well, at least there is only 1 week left. Enjoy the rest of the time you have with her during Ramadan.



  3. So glad that Pristine has a playmate now.

    And your idea of an indoor play park is fabulous. I saw a documentary on the indoor ski resort – and I can’t imagine that a play park would cost any where near as much!



  4. I haven’t been here in a while and like the new look.

    I sure hope they do build something. Idle time and children don’t mix. They must be kept active and able to socialize with people of their own age.



  5. The idea for an indoor park is really a great idea, I think you should somehow try to promote the idea there…it would be such a wonderful way to kids to enjoy some time in the summer…it really is not fair for them to go through so much seclusion, cooped up at home.



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