Beach time – but only when the sun is NOT out!

Jumeirah Open Beach 1

Today, Friday, the sun is shining so bright at 6am. Now it’s already 10am and it is so hot outside. It is not a day to spend time at the beach but yesterday was!

The above photo was taken at Jumeirah Open Beach yesterday at 7:30am. We were already there. Being a national holiday, we expected people to be at the beach but not that early! I guess everyone had the same thing in mind – go to the beach early!

Jumeirah Open Beach

It was cloudy and the sun hid among the clouds, giving us a chance to enjoy the beach a little longer at this time of the year.

P and B at the beach

News flash: Benjamin is NOT afraid of the beach anymore! He was the first to run towards the shore!

Our beach time yesterday was so wonderful we thought of going back again today but nah, only if we want to burn! I guess our next beach time will be when it cools down a bit after summer, probably in November only!

Until then!

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