Be aware: No child is left behind!

Tweets are going around after a 3 year old toddler reportedly died after being left in the car for THREE hours in Ras Al Khaimah. I don’t want to click on the news link, afraid of the gory details. There might even be a photo.

This is the Middle East (although this shocking tragedy happen all over the world) – and it’s summer. In the desert. Outside temperatures can rise up to 45C.

It gets intensely hotter inside a closed car.

Photo courtesy of Buckle Up In The Back UAE

I know it is easy to judge and better offer sympathy to the parents who lost their child, yada, yada, yada BUT I am not sorry to scream: “REVOLTING, IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTING!” if you leave your child in a hot car only for a ‘few minutes’, forget about him/her and the child ends up dead.

There is no other way to put it: YOU killed your child.

Whatever the reason was for leaving your child in the car, the child died because of YOU.

You killed your child. You take that guilt to your grave!


APPEAL to everyone: Let us all be vigilant in car parks, see to it that no child is left behind. Let this be our individual social responsibility. If you see a child left inside the car, call emergency immediately at 999.

Reference: What to Do if you if you see a child trapped in a hot car

People are afraid to break the car window because they may be liable, but if they see that a baby is in trouble, they may need to do just that.

Many would say, “The first thing I would do is look around and see if there’s any parents, and then I would call emergency.”

“But if you are looking and the child looks like they are in imminent danger, break the window that’s farthest away from the baby. It’s a piece of metal (car) versus a baby’s life.”

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