Abandoned babies on the rise

Another day, another baby abandoned: Mother threw baby down garbage chute. (Miraculously, the baby survived with minor cuts and is now in stable condition in critical condition with a fractured skull (updated 24 hours after). The mom is a Filipino.)

I know I shouldn’t have clicked the link but I did and my heart was torn to pieces. There’s that big question: WHY?

Filipinos are kind nurturers. We love babies. We go all the way to comfort a crying baby. We co-sleep. Our babies are our first priorities, to a fault. There’s a reason why so many people opt for Filipino nannies, including the British Royal family – a Filipino nanny once cared for Prince William and Prince Harry. The late superman Christopher Reeve’s super nurse is a Filipino.

Filipino mothers care for children even not their own. Love flows unconditionally. My son’s nanny is a Filipino and he clearly loves her, reciprocating the love and care he receives from her everyday when I am not home.

So, what drove this mother to throw her own flesh and blood from the ninth floor garbage chute?

Only God knows. There had been alarming increase in cases of abandoned babies here in the UAE because the consequences of having a child out of wedlock means jail time and sure deportation.

It’s nothing short of heartbreaking – a very tiny, soft and vulnerable beautiful creature wrapped in newspaper and plastic and thrown down the bin. Whatever the circumstances that surrounded the whole pregnancy, I wished she just gave the baby up for adoption if she has decided to carry it until full term.

As a new mother myself, I can’t imagine the emotions going through that mom while she walked carrying that warm bundle of life to the garbage room. Didn’t her conscience bother her each time she took a step closer to killing her child?

It’s unforgivable. Life is all about choices and she chose to kill. Even animals like dogs and cat do not abandon their young at such helpless state!

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  1. Breaks my heart especially when I have two friends who are crying over not getting pregnant after years of marriage.

    I hope that woman who get pregnant or give birth out of wedlock here approach an institution that can help them like the church.



  2. What this lady did, and what all the other people have done are the result of a legal system that has failed them. They get caught having sex out of wedlock, they are slapped with a fine that they probably cannot afford, lashed, jailed and finally deported. Can you imagine the sense of panic and desperation an unwed mother goes through, before she reaches the stage where she decides to abandon her baby? I’m sure that if her financial or family circumstances were different, she’d have chosen something MUCH different. A Filipino friend of mine with a good job as an HR executive was able to go back to the Philippines and give birth there, and have her mother raise her daughter for her for a few years. In the interim, she found a wonderful man and got married, and has managed to bring her daughter back here. She was lucky because she could afford it… clearly not the case with this woman. I’m not sure what she could’ve done without being slapped with jail term, ultimately not helpful to her, or her child…
    Perhaps if she’d gotten in touch with the Filipino embassy and asked for assistance? Or returned home?



  3. I completely agree, there are just certain things that are black and white; good and bad; right and wrong and THAT is definitely one of them.

    I didn’t realize having a baby out of wedlock where you are is a punishable offense, but still, there are things you can do instead of harming an innocent life!



  4. Replace the nationality in the phrase ‘Filipinas are kind nurturers’ with another one and you will find nurturers there too…

    In the same vein you could also say…based on news reports/opinion that Filipinas are:




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