Trouble: Pregnant and unmarried in Dubai

A follow up on yesterday’s post about a baby thrown from a ninth floor garbage chute by his own mother: reports say the baby is in critical condition right now with a fractured skull. Doctors aren’t sure if he is going to recover fully.

Those last two sentences – aren’t they one of the saddest in the world?

An innocent baby is fighting for his life as his mother – that entity who should be protecting him from the dangers of the outside world – premeditated his murder and executed it just hours after his birth.

Tweets were flying in Twitter today imploring whether the UAE law, which is imprisonment for women getting pregnant or bearing children out of wedlock, is too harsh. Whether the mother in question should be prosecuted or given support.

Excuse me but the law is too harsh on women here?

I have only one thing to say: Yes, maybe but it is not an excuse to kill a helpless baby!

And another: The law existed BEFORE and DURING their  baby-making tryst. And they sure know it.

Why should a faultless baby suffer from the irresponsibility of the adults involved?

Everyone here knows it is not legal for a woman to get pregnant or give birth without marriage yet so many are caught doing that. These are the ‘brave’ people who break the law and think they can get away with it, at the expense of innocent lives. As a mother, I am enraged and disgusted by this news.

Sure it’s easy to say, “but you don’t walk in her shoes” but I still strongly maintain: there is no excuse for murder, no matter what the circumstance. There had to be more humane choices: fleeing the country, giving up the baby for adoption, having an abortion (which I do *NOT* condone but if the mother intended to kill anyway…). Condoms?!


If you live in the UAE, do you think the law regarding women here is too harsh? What do you think should be done to these women who break the law?


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  2. Grace, you know I enjoy reading your blog but in this instance I *SO* disagree with your stance on this story.

    It’s a sad story – but i ask: don’t let your position as mother be your sole judgement of this woman.

    She was desperate and in desperation this is what she did. We don’t know what lead her to be pregnant. Not all trysts are consensual. Was she over-powered, co-oerced or even brutally raped. Was her article truthful – was she too scared to tell the truth incase it implicated the father? Where is the father in this? Why does the woman only get criticised here? The last time I checked, you needed a male to get pregnant? Any criticisms for him? Maybe it was an employer or someone in authority? She knows she may have no rights and who will listen to her?

    Your other alternatives:

    Abortion: So this ‘faultless child’ (or maybe you don’t class a fetus as a faultless child) should just be aborted? I am sure many anti-abortionists would disagree with your statement that abortion is ‘a more human solution’.

    Adoption: only Emirati families can adopt in the UAE. And Emiratis are known to take care of alot of orphans within their own communities as well as beyond.

    Condoms/oral contraceptives: not 100% fail-safe – doesn’t need a genius to work that one out. Any GP or family planning expert will verify this.

    I am surprised, Grace, really surprised. Compassion is what is needed here – not judgement.

    I feel for the baby and i sincerely hope he makes a full recovery.

    I also hope the woman recovers from the trauma of her decision too.

    Walk a mile in her shoes? How about 10 yards



    1. Thank you for your precious opinion. Debates about this issue could be unending but I do think it boils down to one thing: was it justifiable to kill the baby?

      I admit as a new mom, I am blinded by the issues around the mom and my sole focus was about the little baby. Have to tell you, I am NOT in favor of abortion but pointed it out because in the end, the mom decided to kill anyway.

      My anger and opinion came from the fact that I know these kind of ladies too many, too well among my community. Of course there might be the case of rape or abuse that ended up in pregnancy but most are just reckless women, some even married back home who ended up pregnant, scared and took drastic decisions.

      I wish that woman recover from this trauma as well. Really wish this will enlighten other pregnant ladies (unmarried or pregnant from affairs) to go back to the Philippines and sort the matter out, not kill their babies here.

      If abuse/rape was the issue, then I will have another opinion of that, but *still* it would not involve being compassionate to someone who choose to kill the baby. Sorry but baby-killing is unacceptable in whatever angle (at least for me) – which is the nature of that blog post.



  3. I aware of this types of females , too well among my company. Obviously there could be the case of rape or abuse that ended up in pregnancy but most are just reckless ladies , few of them even married back home who ended up pregnant, scared and took drastic decisions.



  4. Well this country rules suck ass
    Im pregnant unmarried and my bf said no to getting involved in my pregnancy
    So im gonna get terminated from my job if they know am oregnant coz its an arabic moslim place
    And i will get to jail
    And abortion is illegal in this country
    So they will destroy our life because of their bad laws…
    I sympathaize with the woman… Uae law must change



      1. What will happen the father and mother if they are unmarried pregnant. They with be in prison on his many months and what is the punishment?


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