First sandstorm of 2012

There you go… the first sand storm of 2012. Last Friday, strong winds picked up dust and sand and blanketed Dubai, reducing the visibility to 800 meters. In this part of the road, tall buildings including the world’s tallest Burj Khalifa should appear on the right but nah, they are in invisible mode.


Needless to say, it wasn’t a good day to be outside. My cousins had a reservation for desert safari but had to cancel it – who would want to spend time outside in the vast desert closing their eyes? Or having sand in their food?

The car swayed as strong winds battered from its side, made me recall how strong these winds are during sandstorm of 2011.

Sand storms during the ‘winter’ months of Dubai not only bring sand (a lot of it), it also signals the coming of warmer days and usually tells us, it is time to crank up the air condition at home!


  1. That is so scary… I can’t imagine driving in that. I can see how hard the driver of the car you’re in is gripping the stearing wheel.
    And look at that swirling sand on the ground. Does it get slippery like swirling snow does here in the winter?



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