Valentines 2012

So Valentines Day came and went…what did you all do? How did you celebrate it?

On my way home from work yesterday, I spent almost two hours on the road home due to heavy traffic. It was unusually heavy although Dubai gets traffic at times (eased a lot after the Metro became operational). I hate to spend a long time behind the wheels, hungry and with hurting, leaking boobs. And it was Valentine’s Day. Nice.

Speaking of cheesy Valentines –

The husband and I don’t celebrate Valentines day and when our daughter who is very much aware of hearts day thanks to her school who asks them to make cards for mom and dad, reduce their red crayola length into half, create lovey-dovey lines and the whole V-day shebang, asked us why we don’t do anything on Valentines, I told her that mom and dad don’t really focus on February 14 because that’s the day for so many couples. Mom and dad have a special day that’s ours only. We celebrate our wedding anniversary instead on July 14 because that day is ‘ours’. It’s a day more special than Valentines.

Amazingly, my excuse reason was accepted, in fact, she thought it was awesome. I can imagine her telling all her friends and teachers about it at school right now.

Now I don’t remember when we stopped celebrating Valentines. We did in the past, just the Japanese Valentine’s kind of way. I’m sure that before we got married, we used to have dinner somewhere fancy, as far as I can remember. I even got some roses or chocolates too. But when we got together and had a baby that same year, there was no room for Valentines anymore so we made some arrangements to cover for it. We celebrate our wedding anniversary by staying out – spending a couple of days away from home, in a hotel or resort just to unwind. But mind you, we always go with the kid with us.

So now you wonder why it took us so long to have baby #2…

Anyway, the husband’s work timing was night shift yesterday so he came home at around midnight. I didn’t even know what time he went to bed as we are sleeping in different rooms because of the baby.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and you were treated nicely, as you deserve it. For me, it was just another day in my calendar. Do I sound like I’m sour graping? Might be. Though I was perfectly ok with nothing special last night, something nice for V-day would have been wonderful too.

Jeez, I’m such a girl!!

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  1. We don’t usually celebrate V-Day anymore – mostly because of finances. We usually stay at home together and watch a movie while having a nice dinner together.
    However, Bill almost always buys me chocolates the next day when they are at least 1/2 off. I appreciate them because he knows how much I love them and I’m glad that he saves money.
    I’m a cheap date! TeeHee =)



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