Dubai Metro Green Line opens

Four years ago, the nearby street where I work looked like this:

and the workers, toiled day and night, braving the fierce Dubai summer during the day.

It was dust, noise, a lot of detours and traffic this past four years. But now, it is done. (Below photo taken September 12, 2011)

The construction of the elevated train rails in 2007/2008 was a sight I thought would stay forever.

Two years since the opening of the first train system in Dubai (the Dubai Metro Red Line) in September 9, 2009, the Green Line was inaugurated last Friday and was open to the public last Saturday, 10th September 2011. Of course, I had to get on it! There’s a Metro station near where we live – maybe a 15 minute walk away. Not ‘near’? I see it as a good morning exercise but not now, I’ll walk when the weather cools down! Luckily, there are buses going the stations so I used that.

Salahuddin Station is where I get down. I love how they painted it red – literally! Look!

A unique chandelier.

And something corded off – it’s beautiful.

Commuters are delighted with the opening of this new train line. I am happy that my commute to work time is only 10 minutes and I don’t have to drive (with a seat belt around my pregnant belly!) or wiggle through traffic anymore!

As the train pulled away, I thought: People who will come to Dubai from now on are so lucky. They don’t have to struggle with traffic, lack of buses, the crap public transport (even taxis were scarce), they won’t have to fight for a seat in the bus like what we have gone through in 2007 when we arrived.

I’ve written about those public transport nightmares before and cried and asked myself “What the hell am I doing here?” Those were dark times, dark times.

Anyway – here’s a short video of the train before it goes to its first underground station – Salahuddin Station in Deira:

When we arrived and Dubai was just starting to construct what would be the city’s solution to horrible public transport and heavy, choking traffic, we vowed we will not leave Dubai until we get on those trains!

I am glad we’re still here to witness and experience another milestone.


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