First day of school, 2011

I slept at 8:30 pm last night but greedy as this might sound, I’m sleepy at work today. It’s the first day of school for 2011 here in Dubai and like a new student excited for class, I was giddy. I felt my eyes were closed last night but my mind was fully awake thinking of so many things like: will I be able to wake up early tomorrow? Will there be traffic? Will Pristine like the packed lunch I will prepare?

After tossing and turning in bed and waking up to pee so many freaking times in the night, I finally woke up at 5:45 am. Part of my compulsion to wake up earlier than usual is that Pristine’s school have decided to add some additional torture to moms by changing the school start time – to 15 minutes earlier than the previous years!  Now, they have to be in school on or before 7:45 am or be marked late! And I thought the previous year’s 8 am start was already agony!

Thankfully, everything went well this morning – everyone was able to wake up early, eaten breakfast and Pristine was whisked off to school by her dad at 7:15 am. I’m so relieved we do not have those cold winter days here in Dubai – imagine starting off at that early time in winter wonderland! Pristine is still wearing the same uniform she had last year, no uniform change this year. A miracle.

By the way, it’s her fifth year in the same school. As cliche as this may sound, time really flies. Wasn’t she just a little kindergartner when we first came here? She was in Kindergarten 1 when we landed in Dubai (and couldn’t speak a single English word) and now, she’s in Year 3, grown tall and proud and feel very much ‘at home’ in school.

9 thoughts on “First day of school, 2011

  1. My family had a hard time sleeping the night before as well.
    We are into our fourth week of school in my small Illinois town. I have two sons – 3rd grade and kindergarten. I drop them off to school on my way to work so I’m hoping to be more organized this year so our mornings run smoothly 🙂


    • School time is tough time for us moms! You are quite busy with two sons – hope your mornings are falling into a good routine right now. Thanks for dropping me a comment! (and sorry for the delay in my reply!)


  2. Kids grow up too fast; I can hardly believe how quickly the time goes by. One of my nephew is on the eve of turning 1 year old. I barely would have recognized him if I saw him on the street. Gone is the tiny creature completely dependent on Mom for food and entertainment. Here instead was a little guy who was feeding himself and scooting all over the house. I know people say it all of the time, but really is true: Children grow up too quickly!


  3. She looks so beautiful and so grown-up.
    My that back pack looks almost as big as she is!! =)
    So glad everyone got up on time and was ready to head off for the first day.
    One year my two boys were so excited, they slept in their new clothes – shoes and all – so they wouldn’t be late for school…. Strange boys, I have!! =)
    Hope she has a lovely year and you continue to get good rest.


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