Weight gain warning at Week 24

Regular prenatal checkup (24 weeks) was this week and while everything seems to be normal with the baby, I got a few shocks.

First: rapid gain weight – a whooping 4 kilos (8.8 lbs) in just 4 weeks!

The doctor asked me, why, why, why? To which I replied I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know!! Oh well, actually, I think I know and was about to say it when the nurse interrupted me,



Truth is, since mangoes are in season in India, we get plenty of them here in Dubai right now. Oh boy, they come in different sizes, shapes and tastes and the baby (you know of course, I’m gonna blame this on the baby!) wanted me to experiment everything. In short, I’ve been eating like, 2 mangoes a day on the average – raw, mango smoothie, with yoghurt for breakfast, fruit salad with bananas and almond milk, etc. Ooops. According to Fitday.com, while an average sized mango has only 135 calories, it contains a whooping 35 grams of carbohydrates! So much for avoiding bread. Boo.

So, I will be limiting mangoes in my diet. I won’t be happy with this turn of events. Really won’t. The doctor also asked me to go through a blood test for my sugar level since my weight gain is too fast and furious(!).

Meanwhile…another shocker.

The ob-gyne who saw me was a different one from the 20th week mid pregnancy scan and the clinic I went to had less advanced equipment told me that NO, we won’t be having a boy.

What? Like the small extension we saw during the thorough examination last June that meant baby boy was a mistake? She said, “oh no, this is a girl.” It’s not like we have gender preference but to be told a boy first, then a girl next is confusing.

And we have bought and received a lot of blue things already!

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15 thoughts on “Weight gain warning at Week 24

  1. Well at least mangoes have fiber and are healthy for you and baby 🙂 I bet you are eating more carbs than you realize- not just bread to worry about, rice, pasta/noodles, sugar, ice cream, cakes, juice, cookies….mmm. Carbs are addictive and having pregnancy cravings doesn’t help 😦

    We don’t get to know the sex until the 20 week anatomic scan in the US. Too many mistakes. Girls still look good in blue!


    • I had an anatomic scan in Week 20 and there clearly was something “hanging” haha but yeah, boy or girl, he/she will be loved.


  2. Well, sheesh! I learned something new today-Don’t eat too many mangos O.O

    I agree with bing, unisex baby miscellaneous is probably the way to go. My sister and I were both predicted to be boys until we came out and then SURPRISE! LOL

    Aside from the weight gain, I’m glad you are happy and healthy 🙂


    • For now, Pristine and I will stop our weekly buying of small things like blue pair of socks, blue hat, blue boots, etc. 😦

      One commenter pointed out that I might be getting extra carbs unconsciously from rice, cookies, not just mangoes. I miss my mangoes!!


  3. Hm, i though that mangoes are great for your health, and until now i considered them to be harmless for my figure. I know that avocado are rich in fats, good fats but still fats. Don’t you crave some guacamole? :0


  4. Oi- girl na pud diay grace? i think it’s a boy. Usually, ang first scan (plus it’s more advanced and hi-tech as you observed) is usually accurate. Sa ako- kay pag ingon boy, boy giyod. They don’t make a lot of mistakes if they see something ‘hanging’ in the ultrasound!… Sige ra gud ng weight gain- basta dili lang magka gestational diabetes. Ako, I hate needles pero I would be going through a lot of that kay gina monitor akong blood glucose and free T4 (para sa akong hyperthyroid- which has gone back to normal after taking medications).


  5. Well, at least mangos have the best kind of carbs. =)
    I had the same type of weight gain right around the same time during my second pregnancy, but mine was due to something not quite as healthy. It was from banana splits ~ lots of ice cream, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. MMMMMM!!
    I’m sure you will do much better during the next few weeks and I bet you still look gorgeous! ❤


    • Mango season has come to an end (nearly) so at least I will be fine for now. All I need is to really watch what I eat and exercise…I do get really huge when I’m pregnant! 😦

      Now I think I am heavier than my father!!

      BTW, now that you mentioned banana splits….


  6. uh-oh! that pregnancy scan. In my sister’s case, they refused to disclose her baby’s gender.What the! We really didn’t understand why. As it turned out she had a girl.

    I think you look great at 24weeks! But then again it’s better to always watch what you eat 🙂


    • My weight gain has gone haywire that I am really so concerned about it. I walk 30 minutes a day, do yoga and still do zumba on alternate days…

      However, the appetite that I lost during the early stages of pregnancy is back to normal and I do find myself eating the foods I restricted when I was dieting: bread, cookies, rice…YIKES!!


  7. How crazy they think the first ultrasound was wrong! Well, I guess you will just have to wait and find out for sure… 🙂 I’m sure it will be cute either way! 🙂
    I didn’t know that about the mangoes either… but like someone else said, still healthier than bread I’m sure!


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