Week 24 Belly Pictures

I’ve reached another milestone in this pregnancy – entering the 24th week. Generally feeling fine but also feeling huge, always full and just heavy. My lower backbone has begun to curve (again) causing occasional screaming backaches that just wouldn’t shut up unless touched my mom’s magical hands. Thank God for moms to the rescue!

Sixteen more weeks to go before the big day.

I feel it’s a century away but the husband feels it’s “only” sixteen weeks from now. He’s told me the baby is particularly active at night, moving about inside like it’s nobody’s business! I asked him why he knows and he smiles, “because I’ve been putting my hand on your belly at night while you’re sleeping.”

24 Weeks belly photo against the sunset at the beach courtesy of my sister.


  1. That’s so sweet about Hubby. I had back aches with Katie and would lie awake at night. I’d watch my belly moving around like crazy. I didn’t realize then what a true miracle “I” was. After all, men can’t give birth can they? lol!



  2. My pa ka grace you like taking pictures of pregnant self- something which I never did in my three pregnancies (including this one)… Nice and dramatic ang pictures!



    1. I have pregnant friends who hate taking photos of their pregnant selves…maulaw daw sila dako ilang tiyan.

      For me, a pregnant woman is a miracle and beautiful…

      Pristine loved seeing my photos when I was pregnant with her. She would ask, I was there inside, mom? Really? and would marvel at the photo with extreme delight…so I thought I’d share that experience with the next one too.



  3. Grace, that is such a lovely photo! That could be entered into a photo contest. I agree with your idea about it showing the miracle of life. My kids used to love to see pictures of me pregnant with them when they were little. Now I see them all grown up and can’t believe it.
    The story of your husband also brought tears to my eyes, what a truly sweet thing for him to say – how connected to the baby that makes him, you and the baby. I have chills! HUGS to you all! ❤



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