Week 16 Belly Pictures

My belly confuses me. It’s like the sea – has high tide and low tide. Sometimes it’s small that no one at work really noticed I am carrying yet and at times, so obvious that they look at my belly first before my face when they talk to me.

I never took pregnant belly pics with my first pregnancy with Pristine so this time, let’s hope I can update every 2-4 weeks (to see the obvious difference).

Here’s my pregnant belly at 16 weeks.

This is the belly situation that people hardly notice because I didn’t really have a flat tummy before so there’s not much difference pre-pregnancy!

I took another picture after an hour, and after eating lunch and this is what happened. High tide!

Whoa, holy prego cow!!

Costume change…this time a short maxi cum maternity dress. From the front, it’s just like I have lots of belly fat, don’t you think?

The side view speaks differently.

As for pregnancy weight gain, I’m happy to report that my gain is not as fast as the first pregnancy (as of now). It helps that I am staying active and exercising for at least 30 minutes, 6 times a week.

Let’s see how my bump will progress. See you in Week 20!

10 thoughts on “Week 16 Belly Pictures

  1. sexy baby bump! I did not exercise for my first pregnancy and gained way too much weight and felt really ugly after 😦 You bump is looking good! Stay safe and hope to see you at the bakefest.


  2. You look beautiful. I was much more careful with my food and exercise the second time, and still my tummy was bigger! They told me that once you have had one baby your belly muscles relax a little faster the second time.
    I still can’t believe that Pristine hasn’t noticed!


    • Thanks, Maribeth. Yeah, they say that with the second pregnancy and onwards, our belly will be bigger coz it has expanded before. With Pristine, I was already in my 5th month and no one even noticed!

      Yes, I can’t believe Pristine is thinking I’ve just gotten fat! LOL


    • Thanks, Kayla. It’s getting more and more obvious everyday, I just can’t believe Pristine still thinks I am just fat! LOL

      …or maybe she trusts me so much that I’d tell her if I’m pregnant.


  3. It is definitely a pregnancy bump and NOT belly fat!
    You look totally adorable. I love that yellow dress.
    It looks SO good on you… I’m still smiling everytime I think about it.
    Doing the happy dance for you! =)


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