Pregnant ladies, lucky?

So I was shopping for shoes this afternoon together with Pristine. Ah, constantly growing feet! How many of you moms have wished your pockets grow as much as your little one’s feet or bodies do?

I definitely think that.

She needed: a school shoes, a sports shoes for PE class and something for our weekend outing (just in the grocery stores, ‘weekend outings’ just sound exotic so I’m using it). It’s only about 7 weeks until school closes but her shoes is already killing her feet so what’s momma to do but go shopping.

We chose three pairs of shoes.

Big bill.

Then store had this promotion where you pick a scratch card whereย  discounts of 15%-100% is hidden. People always pick from the middle of the bottom as seen from the other shoppers in front of me at the cashier. Most of them got 15% discount, which is good. When it was my turn, I picked the card on the top.

Cashier: “Are you sure about that, madam?”

Me: “Well, I feel that whatever I choose, it’ll be a big discount anyway so yeah, this card’s fine.”

*insert big smile + secret small prayer to the maker of four leaf clovers*

Voila! I scratched 75% OFF!! Big bill gone!!

Cashier: “……Uhm, is it because you’re pregnant? Pregnant ladies are lucky!”

Whatever it is, I’m just happy I was only able to pay 1/4 of the entire bill and while I’m at it,ย  I’m going to look out for that million dollar lotto ticket and buy it if I find one.

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    1. Oh no she doesn’t know still – the cashier and me were talking in a different language Pristine doesn’t know! ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. mmmm… I couldn’t remember an instance I got lucky when I was pregnant. Maybe I’ll try getting pregnant again to see if it’s true? hehehe simbako!



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