That retro feel at Hua Hin station

** This is a part of a series of posts about my blog trip to Thailand. **

On our second day in Thailand, our tour guide wanted us to see more of Hua Hin not just the beach, fantastic seafood and night market. Our first stop was Hua Hin station – this must be one of the most interesting train station I have seen so far.

The station building is made of wood that depicts traditional Thai architecture.

The lovely bright red color is so attractive to the eye. A train is coming.

From far, it’s a totally different train from what I have seen in Japan (even in the suburbs and small towns).

Our guide said it’s a long distance cross country train. We are convinced, as the passengers seem to be really tired (it was just past 8am).

Some of the windows on the train were broken but luckily the passengers didn’t have to freeze thanks to the warm Thailand weather! The tired passengers were greeted by vendors of all sorts. Some selling snacks and drinks. This particular vendor in the below photo sells unique stuff – HOT SOUP!!

There is something so retro about the train station in Hua Hin and speaking of retro, we see this old steam engine at the other side of the station.

Next up: seeing Hua Hin town from above.


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* Photos taken using Canon EOS 550D and Canon PowerShot SD960IS


  1. That is such an interesting station-None like I’ve ever seen before either 🙂

    And I’ve never heard of vendors selling things to people ON the train like that-Pretty cool!



  2. What a beautiful building, the red is gorgeous.
    How interesting that the vendors sell right through the windows… even hot soup.
    Things are so different here in the United States.
    Lovely photos, Grace.



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