Pristine and her nice dresses

PristineWe were invited to a party and I asked Pristine to choose a nice dress to wear when she comes back from school. Then I’ll pick her up after work and we’ll go to the party venue.

Pristine: “Nice dress?”

Me: “Yeah, pick a nice dress to wear, baby coz we’re going to a party.”

while we were still talking on the phone, she says she has decided the dress. Very fast. It was like 5 seconds.

Pristine: “Got the nice dress!”

Grace: “Whoa, that was fast! You weren’t confused or anything which nice dress to pick?”

Pristine: “No mom because ALL my dresses are nice – because you bought them.”

Inside of me I say a little prayer – let her not change even when she’s on her teens!

* Her dresses/clothes aren’t all that fancy – she just likes to think that!


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