Papa leaves Dubai

I just got home from the airport where I sent off my father. He is leaving Dubai today to the Philippines, physically well and able to travel 18 days after his accident.

While I am very happy that he is still with us, alive and without any disability and I am deeply frustrated and angry that the driver of the car who hit him and ran away, left him for dead is still free – out and about somewhere driving carelessly, waiting to hit another innocent pedestrian. And then run away again.

The police have his car plate number and the case is already filed weeks back. I am not sure what keeps them from catching the suspect. My skin crawls at the thought that he could be the next car driving beside me in traffic.

My husband has pacified my frustrations by telling me we’ll just be contended that my father is still alive but I guess that anger and other vengeful feelings are innate human instinct because I have not made peace with all that has happened. I have not moved on. I pass by the accident site and cringe then my stomach turns. I seriously want something back – punishment for that reckless driver!

I’m saddened by the fact that he is left with very traumatic feelings – he gets nervous around the road and around vehicles, his heart races as he crosses a street, his stomach aches because of nervousness and he falls weak to his knees. While my father has not completely bounced back to his previous self before the accident, I know in no time he will be. As for me, I just really really hope we get a call from the police that the bastard have been caught and punished. I don’t know, maybe suspend his license and let him pay a huge fine, anything that will make him realize his mistake and NOT repeat it.

Only until then I can have my closure.


  1. Luckily the drivers in the Philippines are much more considerate and don’t drive as fast! I don’t understand why they can’t catch that driver. That sounds fishy. I’m curious as to the nationality of the driver, and wonder if racism is playing its part? Or is this the kind of thing that the driver could buy their way out of?



  2. Well, Grace you can also be content that your father did have fun seeing the tennis games and like your husband says, you should also be grateful that he wasn’t hurt at all.

    I understand your frustration with the reckless driver, but worrying about him doesn’t actually do anything.



  3. I am so glad Papa is feeling well enough to travel home, while I know that you and your mother will miss him terribly.
    I hope that the police will finally do something to the driver to punish him for his recklessness and for hurting Papa.
    I also hope that you and Papa can get over your trauma soon… I know that it is difficult to do so, but I will continue to pray for you both.
    Love and hugs always.



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