Happy 38th National Day, UAE!


Thank you very much for all your comments regarding the red or green obi for Pristine’s yukata (summer kimono). So many of you had the same opinion with my girl and chose red – my mom was surprised but she gave up and thought it must be a “generation gap” kind of thing. Oh well.

So we got the red obi and the kimono ready to wear on her school program last week when I got a call from her teacher. No, they won’t be wearing their own country’s national dress for the National Day program!

Of course I couldn’t protest and say, “but I already blogged about the kimono and my readers have chosen the obi!”

Turned out, the children has to dress up in traditional Arabic costume, that is abaya for females and dishdashas for males. I had to run and get a black dress for Pristine!

I found an abaya for children in the nearby store. The design wasn’t anything fancy, it has a few embroideries in the front and it was just black all over. It was easy for her to slip onto it, no sweat but the headdress? For the life of me, I couldn’t get it right and ended up loose or too tight or just wouldn’t stay in place. She donned the head piece when she left for school but said it all came off when the bus moved!


Today, 2nd of December, United Arab Emirates celebrates their 38th National Day. Mabrook! to all Emiratis and all the non-locals (gotta include them, I mean us, after all, expatriates comprise more than 80% of the entire UAE population) who love their adoptive country (I do).


  1. I think it is a darn shame that the children couldn’t wear their home countries clothing! I think the arabic costume or dress is ugly and all it really does is try to cover a woman up. Not show her beauty. Of course, Pristine is adorable in anything, but I find I am getting very tired of the muslims forcing their dress codes on people. Call me an angry American, I guess that’s what I am.
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..The Mask! =-.



  2. I think it looks very cute! I would be upset about having to spend on a new outfit for the new requirement. Nonetheless, she looks very cute. I didn’t realize the abayah was labeled “traditional” I thought it was more of an everyday dress and traditional would be a fun belly dancing ensemble or something! 😀
    .-= Stacey´s last blog ..Maybe it’s because I’m getting older? =-.



  3. No matter what she’s in, she can totally pull it off! Lol
    Although I would have loved to see pictures of her in the other outfit-I bet she’ll have a good time no matter what 🙂



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