Garra rufa therapy, would you?

Garra rufa. People who know this are probably feeling uneasy right now – just as what I’m feeling. Squirmy, squirmy, squirmy. And restless. Do you love foot therapy but tired of the same old school massages, shiatsus and whatnots?

I give you Garra rufa, baby.

fish foot therapy

Poster says: Gara sensei (sensei means teacher but also “doctor” in Japanese), 10 minutes, 500 yen. Lower left phrase: “Now you’ll have beautiful feet with this”

It’s 500 yen for 10 minutes (the pedicure not included, FYI). I’m not sure if I’m bothered by the amount of money or the amount of time that I’m going to spend being bitten or possibly tickled to death by these hungry little critters. You?

Oh no, for the love of God.

garra rufa 1

My legs and cleavage do NOT, I repeat, do not look like that. That’s my sister in-law not just being busty but being brave. I’m so proud of her. She just offered her beautiful feet to hundreds, maybe thousands of hungry fishes! She loves charity.

fish foot therapy vk 2

Uhm, me? I’m contented with taking photos of generous people with lovely feet submerged in fishy, fishy water. What if by mistake, they weren’t Garra rufa’s but piranhas?

I dreamed about that posibility, that very night.

If you promise me you won’t dream about it, I might post a video of the whole fishy therapy for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Oh boy…I see little fish like this in the ocean and won’t go in. Don’t think it is something for me. It is interesting though!



  2. hehehe your post was so funny. I tried this in Malaysia. It’s crazy. Hungry fish all dashing for your feet. Honestly it feels like hundreds of ants crawling on you.
    Can you imagine doing a full body one?

    BTW, like your new theme.

    .-= Anuan´s last blog ..Dreaming In Japanese =-.



    1. Thanks! Glad you like the theme coz I do too. Just needs a little bit tweaking here and there to get it 100% done. ๐Ÿ™‚

      OMG, fish therapy for the whole body? That would kill me.



  3. I haven’t tried this therapy before, not even heard before this.It actualy annoys me that places usually offer this only on feet ? psoriasis is everywhere! Although, it matters not, as the salons aren?t everywhere.Can?t stand anyone going near my feet so the thought of 125 little fishies nibbling away at them is sending waves of panic right through me. More than that though I would never subject the poor little blighters to getting up close and personal with my trotters, PETA would be banging down my door for that act of cruelty.
    .-= cheap spa days´s last blog ..New Leaf Spa?s Escape to the Forest Package =-.



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