Review: SlimPerfect Capris

I have to admit, the tone of the word “shape wear” frightens me. I imagine corsets worn in the Medieval times. Those that restrict movement and breathing.

Slimperfect CaprisI got a gift from my friend Casey of SlimPerfect – a nice pair of shapewear ala capris she’d like me to try out. I put it on and yay, it’s perfect for my gym workouts. Her line of swimwear and activewear have been creating a buzz all over, including being listed as one of the “Best Brands” in O Magazine at I thought, it’s time to throw my frumpy sweatpants and switch to something “cooler”. I know no one is usually in the gym when I go there (I go at weird hours – early in the morning or lunch break) but I do look at myself in the mirror and my new SlimPerfect Capris actually made me look forward to going to the gym and make me feel good about myself every time I wear it!

Sorry for the bad yoga pose, I was just trying to illustrate how stretchy it can be – the capris, not me!

Slimperfect Capris

I like that the SlimPerfect Capris are lightweight, stretchy and provides maximum control and coverage in the tummy, buttock and thigh area without the usual tight feeling of a typical shape wear. You could say, they help with most women’s problem areas. It’s so comfortable to wear and do not restrict any of my movements in the gym, which is nice. I DO like to breathe while doing my exercise routines!

From the website:

SlimPerfect offers slimming, modest swimwear & activewear with more coverage. SlimPerfect Swimwear & Activewear helps solve poolside anxiety and creates a feeling of confidence in the gym or on the tennis courts for ALL BODY TYPES. High quality product made by a woman, for every woman.

And what’s more neat about it is that I can even wear it everyday, anywhere I want to. Even at home or on the beach or when going to the grocery store.

The capris are on sale at 50% off along with other items at There are ongoing campaigns announced by Casey, herself via Twitter so you should follow SlimPerfect on Twitter.


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