Autumnal equinox and the beach

There’s no Autumn here in Dubai. Naturally, because the four seasons do not exist in desert land. We just have warm and warmer (read: crazy hot) weather for the whole year. November to March is great and the rest of the months are just crazy. Hot. Humid. Dehydrating.

I’m reading blogs and have seen bloggers writing about their Autumn trip plans to see some lovely foliage in the country and pumpkin harvests. Wow. I miss those days when the leaves turn to different colors during Autumn. Pristine is constantly asking me why the leaves in the trees here in Dubai seem to have the same color 365 times a year.

It was Autumnal Equinox (First day of Autumn) last September 22nd but it’s still 38C (100F) at mid-day here. We couldn’t go foliage sight seeing so we went to the beach when I had a day off thanks to Eid holidays.


I almost stepped on this little monster. It got washed up ashore and looking closely, we could see little hairs swaying in the air. It’s kinda creepy.

We really didn’t do much at the beach. The water was warm but since we got there late in the afternoon (so we wouldn’t burn), the water was not that clear anymore. Pristine played with the sand instead.

at the beach

This is our third Eid holiday in Dubai and every year, we spend it at the beach. Maybe next year will be different…I just don’t know how different.

Though we don’t have Autumn here, I do look forward to milder weather. Will have to go back to the beach when the water’s not too cold. And this clear:

mamzar beach

What do you look forward to in Autumn?


  1. I feel bad because I didn’t celebrate the equinox =/
    Although, I suppose there is always next year!! I would LOVE to go to the beach-I’m actually very sad because I wasn’t able to swim at all this summer(actually, it’s been well over a year).
    I’m glad you and Pristine had a good time on your vacation!!

    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Down for the Count =-.



    1. I hope you get to go to the beach soon, Kayla. I love living close to the beach and we have clean beaches here – a great compensation for the hot summer months and chaotic traffic!



    1. Montana sounds like the place I would want to see! I love seeing leaves change and the snowy mountain peaks. Nothing like that here in Dubai!



  2. Gorgeous photo! Too bad you didn’t get to go in the water, but your sun safety is so much more important… I do understand that! We, too don’t really have an autumn here in central Florida, though not as bad as you… we are still in the mid-90s during the mid-day, but it gets down to the high 70s at night. I do miss the apples from New England, but DO NOT miss raking all those dead fallen leaves.
    Have a wonderful time in Japan and I cannot wait to see the wedding pictures!!
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..Maria’s Space: Etsy Sales, Promos and Special Items =-.



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