What would you do if you wake up at 3am?

of course it's gotta be pink!Pristine is wearing a  digital wrist watch lately because we are teaching her how to tell the time. So far, she’s been able to tell the time correctly and reading the number 2 as “2” and not “5” and the other way around. Also, when it was 10:02 and I said, ten-oh-two, she debated that it’s ten-zero-two because “O” is a letter not a number.

Well, because she has mastered to tell the time and seemingly done with pressing the light button over and over again, she is playing with the alarm function and set it at 3 am, without my knowledge and she wears it even in bed.

Pi-pi-pi! Pi-pi-pi came the sharp irritating noise at 3 am today. Pristine and M can sleep through anything, even on New Year’d day even with lots of noisy fireworks near them ut I woke up and turned the alarm off and couldn’t get back to sleep!

When I took the watch from her wrist, she said “No mom, it isn’t the watch. That’s the sound from my ears!” (referring to the hearing test she had from the ENT a couple of weeks back! Yeah right!

So, what will I do suddenly with extra time on my hands? I can’t cook breakfast at this hour and make noise in the kitchen. I couldn’t get back to sleep because my heart was racing – happens when I wake up because of an alarm. I DO not maintain an alarm clock to wake up everyday. It makes me nervous.

I checked my email, responded to some of them, visited other blogs, had a chat with Krista, who was enjoying a lovely evening at the other side of the globe, checked Twitter (and found out that Hugh Jackman tweets) and that’s it, the next time I knew, it was 4 am!

I usually wake up to get ready at 6 am so I was torn: should I get back to bed and sleep for another two hours (and probably wake up feeling like crap) or do “worthy” things for another two hours? I opted to sleep back and yes, I felt like crap when I woke up.

Do you feel like when you sleep again, your sleeping time kind of resets? I feel that I only slept for 2 hours!


  1. I’m having that stay awake or go back to bed debate myself. I co-sleep with my 3.5 month old and usually I wake up while she nurses but I’m still laying down and dozing off and on. For whatever reason Lily woke up about 2:45 and nursed till I gave up on bed at 5:30. Now I’m wondering if I should take a nap with her or just deal with being tired.

    Wow…your story took me back in time, 5 years ago!! I co-slept with my baby too and nursing, dozing on and off. Best advice yet but sounds like a cliche: sleep when the baby sleeps..even if the laundry and dishes are calling out for you!

    Jinxys last blog post..Jinxyisms #2



  2. I had this problem when one of my son’s toys kept going off around 2am. I could have used your suggestions then. Boy was I glad when I figured out what toy was going off and how to shut it off. I like my sleep.

    LOL! How hard it must be to be looking for which toy when your eyes are only half open at 2 am!!

    Brenda NDs last blog post..A Jagged Look at Lightning 2 (Answers)



  3. 3am!! I guess I must be lacking sleep from my non-sleeping 11 month old baby girl or something cuz I’m asleep the 2nd she falls asleep again in the middle of the night. 🙂 Glad you got some stuff done at least!

    You are doing the right thing, sleep when the baby sleeps! I did that too, like 5 years ago!



  4. I usually go back to sleep if the kids let me. 🙂 Dante is teething again now and is up every morning at 4:30 . . . but with the Destroyer awake, I HAVE to get up at that hour!

    my goodness, 4:30 am everyday is tough!! I always wonder how you manage to do it all, Genesis!



  5. Hey, I was telling my sister Genesis from Guatemala how much I want to visit Dubai one day and she told me about your blog. I absolutly love it! I look forward to continuing to read it. 🙂

    Hi Cherith!

    Thanks for visiting my little bloggie through Genesis! If you decide to visit Dubai one day, let me know, I’ll gladly point you to the must visit places so you’ll enjoy



  6. Sometimes. I have the tendency to be late when i go back to sleep at that situation. So, it’s better if I keep myself awake until it’s time to be really awake. But at 3am? I’m sure, I’d go back to sleep. That’s still a lot of time. I’d regret not going back to by midday coz for sure, i’d be sleepy.

    roses last blog post..She?s in Misery, Everyday



  7. And… now I know why you were up in the middle of the night! 😉 It was fun to chat though!
    I have been so far behind on my blog reading this week, but I have gotten other things done so I guess there’s a balance, huh?
    Good luck with the trivia thing on the radio!!!

    Glad to hear you’ve got things done! It was fun chatting with you. Thanks for the time! I woke up at 3 am again last night and answered some emails. 🙂

    Thanks…I hope I win in that radio contest, too.

    Kristas last blog post..Impromptu Weekend



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