Dubai bashing, a new sport

Dubai has received lots of bad publicity pre and during this global financial crisis. Mostly, the dark side of Dubai” type of publicity is widely written by British newspapers and magazines who seems to enjoy a new hobby called Dubai-bashing-for-fun. Most recently, one from “The Independent which one famous Dubai blogger thinks as the most vitriolic piece on Dubai so far

Today, Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al-Maktoum held an e-media session where he answered questions from the press. The full text of the session is long but I admired how the ruler of Dubai said, in relation to this negative writeups about his homeland:

Criticism and negative statements do not really disturb me. We do not mind receiving objective criticism that helps us improving our services and methods. If there were negative aspects, then we will address them and work toward revamping them.

As for the motives of the campaign, God Almighty knows. But it seems that the success of the Arab, whether individual or state, city or a company, is seen as unacceptable. It seems that seeing distinct images of successful Arabs and Arab countries disturbs some people. They would rather stick with the distorted images of Arab stereotypes in their minds.

So much have been written about Dubai and up to this day, I refused to write about it in this blog. It is energy consuming to point out the sometimes fabricated, highly sensationalized (Dubai as a ghost town with expats leaving due to global crisis – WHAT?), biased and written by journalists who have been sent here for a few days trip (Tournalists) and expected to meet all the suffering expats and write about their woes like they’ve been neighbors for 10 years.

One comment on the other Dubai blog says, “for every British journalist, willing to vilify Dubai for the sake of sensationalistic headlines, there are tens of thousands more willing to vacation, or do business in Dubai, even move there.”

But the sleaze will not stop. Dubai bashing has become a new sport and the international media is excited to play.


  1. I have a group of smart educated friends that are all moving to Arab countries this year..I wonder what they know that the media doesn’t!

    PS I was interviewed for an international newspaper today about blogging and was asked for my 5 favorite blogs and you were on that list Grace.

    Thanks for thinking of me and my little bloggie, Hollie! I am so honored!/em>

    Hollies last blog post..Have I Arrived?



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