Happy Easter!

Celebrate Easter in style with freshly pressed business suit and enjoy the special festive spirit early in one of Dubai’s exclusive bus stops. Every member of the bus-chasing group will be delighted and surprised with the award winning bus drivers who capture the essense of Easter and present it in a form of sophisticated festive mood by shouting at male passengers to step down as the bus is packed and refusing to let females (waiting for a minimum of 45 minutes)  in because there are no seats, myself included — another personalized experience in the world’s most luxurious cities.

Reinventing the ultimate cosmopolitan adventure, the Dubai public transport system introduces a new lifestyle that integrates all the excitement and exhiliration designed for couples, families and friends. For those seeking a litte more exhiliration, a heated discussion with the driver as to why the buses are late or simply why you are refused a place inside his bus would thrill the young and young at heart to no end.

I arrived pissed late today but still, Happy Easter everyone! I will leave you with a picture that soothes (?) and remind you of Easter:



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