three months

Three months down. How many to go? Can’t really tell!!

I like the lifestyle — no overtime at work and trips to the beach,  I like the sunshine — 360++ days of the year and the mostly tax-free living — the joy of getting 100% of your monthly salary. Yeah, yea, ya, I have occassional bad hair days and episodes on the road to whine about but once I get home, everything is forgotten in the quiet little corner of our bedroom, reading stories to the little girl, listening to her non-stop talk about school and her friend and finally kissing her goodnight.

Three months has passed, the Thursday and Friday day-off still do not make sense to me. Working on Saturdays and Sundays will never rub in. But as I made the choice to be here, on my free will, I will shut up.

Leaving you with a picture of Dubai 50 or so years ago:


… and the Dubai now:


I wonder how will it look like when my little daughter graduates from primary school?


  1. Grace, I envy you! Where in the world can you find a place that is absolutely tax-free? Only in your part of the world. The traffic problem is only a small glitch compared to the amenities you now enjoy. And the bad hair days? wear a scarf while braving the streets. You will not only be fashionable ( wear your dark glasses too) but it would be a good way to shield your hair from the wind and sunlight. Jackie Kennedy wore it before and models still wear it now. It’s a timeless get-up.



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