Waking up to glorious Dubai winter weather

outside view

I know it’s already March and Dubai’s winter is long gone. That’s why this post. We are going to relive the lovely days of winter…just because we can. Right now, the weather is still kind to us desert dwellers these days. The mornings and afternoons are still cool and middays are still very forgiving. However, as sure as day comes after night, we know the dreaded desert summer is just around the corner!

We stayed at The Address Dubai Marina back in December, when Dubai offered the perfect weather: clear, blue skies and chilly temperatures. But the huge 50 meter pool was temperature controlled and it was awesome.

pool at The Address Dubai Marina

We woke up very excited for the weekend to start, I mean who doesn’t get excited of the possibility of all day relaxation and fun? But first, breakfast!

breakfast Collage

There are breakfasts and then there are breakfasts at Mazina restaurant! Breakfasts at Mazina is at a different level. The spread  was anything and everything you could want – all sorts of food, fresh cooked eggs in live cooking station, very fresh bread and pastries, the full English if wanted and even pork cold cuts. I could write hundreds of words how I love having breakfast here but a short, unbiased opinion would be: It might be difficult for you to appreciate breakfasts from other hotels once you’ve been to breakfast at Mazina. It’s that extensive, it’s that GOOD, period.

By the way, if you are a family with children, a lovely addition to Mazina’s lovely offerings is the Saturday Generation Creation Brunch every 3rd Saturday of the month. The best brunch for families.

After breakfast, it was time for the pool. The sun was also already up, making it not too scary to jump into the water. Although we know the water is temperature controlled (read: warm), there’s that notion that it might be cold because of the cool blue color!

ben ready for pool

Benjamin is more than ready to take a dip! And surely enough, he loved it!

ben edge of pool

Jumeirah Beach Residence behind us. We really loved our time in this infinity pool – the clearest pool water we’ve ever seen.  It has also a pool side lounge and restaurant called Shades that serve refreshing drinks and lovely food.

fam in pool

My sister was also with us that time. I brought my Catalyst waterproof case for my phone. This is a great investment if you love taking underwater photos!

ariane underwater shot

I can’t rave about the pool at The Address Dubai Marina enough – but I am not alone. Ahlan has ranked it as the best pool in Dubai!

For more information about The Address Dubai Marina and its latest offerings, please check out their website.

We were guests at The Address Dubai Marina, however, all opinions are mine.

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