Why I love being a mom

This meme was originally published in 2009 when I only had one child (Pristine). Now, that I am blessed to be a mom again, I feel the need to repost this with a few tweaks. I love how I felt after writing this post.

Whenever I take my daughter for the first time to restaurants I frequent with my husband during lunch or dinner dates, the restaurant staff would always say, “I didn’t know you have a kid already!” Uhm, hello? Look at these hips!

So yeah, one thing I love being a mom is that I have the excuse to be fat have wide hips. Not.


  • I love being a mom because it allows me to be a better person.

Suddenly, the world stopped revolving around myself and I focus more on how to create a healthy, compassionate and bright individual. During the first few days of life when you are confronted with the question, “How do I keep this little one alive?”, you instantly want, no, need to become a better person.

Having a child/being a mother is like being presented with a blank slate ready to be painted with all the rich colors and it’s all up to me – a huge responsibility yet a delight to undertake. Gone are the days of grab and go breakfasts, whatchamacallit lunches and shortcut dinners. I became a better person.

  • I love my mommy routine.

The (almost) fixed bed times, the bed time stories that go with it, the hugs, kisses and snuggles. The. Early. Mornings. I don’t mind the early morning routines even on weekends because them. Sure I was distressed during the first few months and looked like a zoombie from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video but looking on the positive side, it gives me the opportunity to see the serenity of the outside world, while everyone is still asleep, to welcome glorious sunshines. I could never have seen and appreciated early mornings when I was single and in bed until 10 am.

  • It’s all about the WHY’s and lessons of love and forgiveness.

I love to answer all the why’s that are hurled at me in the frequency of 60 times per hour. I love interviews and Pristine brilliantly provides the questions. My days are never boring. If you are bored, I can lend her for a few hours!

Then I discovered the meaning of unconditional love.

I can reprimand them with any bad behavior (very rare) or get unreasonably cross because of PMS early in the day but when that day is done, I get all the lovin’ 100%, no questions asked.

I love how my boy runs to me when I enter the door, with open, loving arms and the sweetest smile in the world. Never mind that I was an absentee mom for 10 hours during the day!

Sometimes I wish adults can be like children, 100% forgiving and loving without expecting anything in return.

We still have a lot to learn.

  • They gave me the chance to see the world through their eyes, where everything is new, fresh and interesting.

”Why does it rain, mom?”

”Why do we say I love you to each other?”

“Mom, do angels really have wings? Are their wings made of feather or fur?”

Gee, I have never thought about that but yes, I gave Pristine thoughtful answers. When Ben starts to talk and ask questions, I can join Ms. Universe, give the smartest, quirkiest of answers and win the crown. I am 150% sure of that.

  • Lastly, motherhood taught and shown me the highest form of love. The love that surpasses any love I can give for any other person on the face of the Earth.

It’s amazing how suddenly when I found out that I am with child that my urge to take care, love and protect the unknown being inside me instantly kicked in even before the pink line in the pee stick became fully visible.

And when I finally held them in my arms (after long labors and an unexpected surgery), I knew I was meant to be this: a mom.


Don’t you just love this meme? Because I do and I could go on and on writing the things I love about being a mom. Being wordy is a behavior imprinted into my DNA after I gave birth.

This meme have traveled far and wide in 2009. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to keep the ball rolling in 2013? If you’re a mom, feel free to tag yourself and write about the things you love about being a mom. Leave your link in the comments so I can read your post!

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  1. Very moving post. I’ve been a mom for 4 years now and though motherhood has made a nervous wreck out of me, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.



  2. This is beautiful. I hope your children grown into the happy, healthy, successful individuals you’re raising them to be. (And I really want to be a mother after reading this!)



  3. What a beautiful post, so moving. It touched my heart, as you always do when you talk about your children.
    I love the photo, also.
    I have missed you, things have been tough around my household, but I am trying to get back on a schedule and hope to visit you again soon.



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