Let’s talk about resolutions

Of course you noticed. The first week of January came and went. Are you still doing your pushups? Have you enlisted yourself in the gym like you promised you would before the new year rolled in?

I did.

I did, I promised. However, I have not gone to the gym yet. I see my self-declared New Year’s resolutions disappear like a mirage in the distance. And I hate myself for it. I planned a big return and had my goals written on paper. Then something sneaked up on me. My period is back. (TMI*, I know)

I enjoyed 22 months of liberty from pads, from mess and from pain and now it’s back and it chose a no better time than now when I’m in full throttle with my fitness goals. I’m immobile without 2 caplets of strong Panadol. So much for hard core gym time.

You kind of wished I’d go from being pregnant to menopause.

I even bought a new yoga pant with glaring red lines at the sides to match my raging spirit. But I got a different kind of red. Yuck.

* too much information


  1. Isn’t Mother Nature a B^$@#!? I’m currently expecting her/him now and I’m NOT happy, especially since it puts me on my butt with raging pain, leg weakness, and emotions (much to my boyfriend’s dismay) 2 weeks out of the month o.O

    My condolences to you!



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