Fussy baby schedule

Something happens in our house between about 10pm-1am. It’s been going on for days now and no sign of stopping, no matter how hard I pray. I’ve resigned to call it Baby Ben’s happy hour. It’s the time when he’s in the spotlight so be it, this too shall pass! It’s not like he’ll be like this until he’s 18, right?

So this baby crying frenzy – it’s a crazy cycle: he cries, I feed him, he dozes off. When I put him down, he squirms because he’s wet his diaper while feeding! I go into this very crucial decision making of whether to change his nappy or let him sleep as is. I know he’s going to wake up if I touch him but at the back of my mind, I know he’s going to have a rash if I don’t. So I change his diapers and he wakes up. I put him to sleep again and because it takes a long time, he is hungry again (at least showing signs that he’s hungry by trying to bite off my nose when I kiss his face…). I feed him, he dozes off but then since he is too full, he needs to burp or fart, whatever. He gives a really big burp (or fart) and he wakes up because of it.

Then he cries of course. My mom is in panicky mode but I told her sometimes, babies just need to cry (to exercise their lungs…) so we’ll just let him cry a bit…then she gives me dagger looks like I deserve the ‘worst mother of the year’ award.

So that’s our night time schedule, at least for now. We dread when the clock nears 10 o’clock at night!

Note: Other than the crying schedule at night, baby Ben is such a darling, sleeping like a baby. Literally!


  1. “I go into this very crucial decision making of whether to change his nappy or let him sleep as is.”

    I would have taken the route of ‘let him sleep as is’. I always lean towards the decision of NOT rocking the boat no matter what, especially if the baby is peaceful! As for diaper changing, if it’s not a poopy diaper, I am DEFINITELY not rocking the boat. I use a consistent brand of disposable diapers, and lots of vaseline around the diaper area. I give baby Mark fresh diaper at bedtime, and first thing in the morning. In between that, I very seldom change diaper, and if I do, always BEFORE feeding or rocking him back to sleep and dozing-off, NOT after. So far, he hasn’t had any serious diaper rash.

    I noticed that for my babies, they get diaper rashes if I change the brand of diapers and wipes, and if they’ve had diarrhea for awhile, pooping all the time. And for diaper rashes, I always use zinc-oxide.

    There are a lot times that I wish my mother was here to help me. But then, there are definitely a few times that I am glad she’s not here, especially during my ‘bad mommy’ moments.



  2. I agree with Charlotte, I would let him sleep, just make sure that the last diaper you put on him you slather something like A&D ointment or Desitin (including his little weewee) to keep him from getting a rash. I always did that with my boys and it was never a problem when they slept through the night.
    It won’t last, I promise! When he is 18 you will be up half the night for other reasons… waiting for him to come home from a date. =) Love you… HUGGLES!



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