Newborn’s idea of night and day

I know I have said something good about our newborn’s sleeping habit during the first few days when we got home from the hospital. He was a very good sleeper – that dream baby I used to see in the commercials and those in baby product labels. Actually, baby Ben is still a good sleeper now.

At daytime.

When the clock strikes 10 pm, he would be in a crying frenzy. Fed full, with clean diapers and clothes, there is no valid reason for him to cry except that famous “because I just want to” kind of baby cry. That cry that makes you want to scratch your head. People in the house had been sleepless for days now because of baby Ben’s crying schedule. I have thought of the crying as colic but even with colic medicine, he has not let go of his crying schedule.

My mother said that at one point in the baby’s life, they make day as night and night as day. And I just have to live with that. Heh.

I love babies, I really do (I adore even babies not my own) but an hour of uninterrupted sleep – I love that too and hope it will come to my life SOON.


  1. My chronic problem with Mark since he was born is waking up in the middle of the night and crying. It was acceptable when he was an infant, when night feeding was still necesssary. But he is now nearing 2-years old and still he does this a few times in a week. Although he usually goes back to sleep easily when I attend to him, it’s still really annoying!

    For Baby Ben, try putting on some bedtime music around him. It might help if you include this in his routine, especially during his crying schedule. And do you have ‘manzanilla’? I put this on Matthew’s and even Mark’s belly and feet every night when they were newborn/infants. I don’t know if it actually helps with colic, but somehow my babies seemed to like it and I don’t remember them as colic-y, usually their crying feats are for attention, their want-to-be-held usually JUST by me.

    But then maybe Baby Ben is just having a ‘good time’ by crying! 😉



    1. There’s constant background music when baby Ben sleeps. Amazingly, I have to mention to you – that I have tried all sorts of music but found what he seem to like most: Filipino music and old ones at that!

      I wish I have manzanilla. My mother and I had been looking for it here in Dubai but have not found any store that sells it (even with so many stores selling items from the Phils here). We have an alternative massage oil we use on him instead and he likes it.

      Yeah, he’s having his happy hour every day!



  2. Oh you poor thing, I cannot say that I can empathize with you, because my boys were so good (I did have a few weeks of night terrors with my oldest when he was around 4 – THAT is scary), but you certainly have my sympathy. I sure hope you can change his confusion around between night and day.
    I’ve heard you can do it little by little if you change bedtime by 1/2 hour each night and let them cry, and get them up 1/2 hour later in the morning, but I don’t know if it really works. Sorry sweetie – sleep when you can. HUGGLES!!



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