The pain tolerance talk

Me: Doctor, I thought I’d point this out but I want a normal delivery, as much as possible. I’ve undergone a 40 hour labor during my first delivery so I can really, I mean, I really hope for natural again.

Doctor: First delivery – with or without epidural?

Me: No epidural. All natural, all painful route.

Doctor: Ummm, okay but here’s some good news: usually, the next labor/delivery will be relatively easier. Let’s say half of the time you spent during the first.

My eyes lit up. Half time. There is hope!

Doctor: But half of 40 is still 20 hours. That is *still* a long time. Are you sure you don’t want any pain medication?

Me: I won’t go for epidural – I can’t take the big needle!

Doctor: Ok, have you thought about a scheduled C-section? You won’t have to go through labor again, you know.

Me: Noooo, I have low tolerance to pain. I don’t want to be cut up!

Doctor: No tolerance to pain!?? But you endured pain for 40 hours!

Me: No big epidural needles, no scalpel on my body please.

Doctor: Ok – whatever you like. You have a very distorted definition of tolerance!

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  1. I don’t understand doctors these day, want to pump you full of drugs all they can! Childbirth isn’t supposed to be EASY. Oh just schedule a C-Section, we’ll CUT the thing out of you. …

    I hope to one day have a natural childbirth as you did/will. You rock!



    1. That’s what I thought of initially – they want to make it easy (on themselves! helloooo…C-section is expensive but fast and the doctors can go to another patient to cut her up…eeek!!)

      C-section recovery is terrible and I have heard horror stories. I did it the first time, all natural. I strongly believe I can do it again this time around! But still, please pray for me! 🙂



  2. First delivery was 8 hours start to finish. The second was just about 4. Epidurals both times. You don’t see it cause they roll you up in a ball, and then it’s like being on vacation!



  3. Oh my! 40hrs you’re so strong and I’m sure all the pain was worth it when you held P in your arms.
    I prepared myself for an all natural birth but the C-Section gods just took over. My OB here is giving me hope that I can go the natural way on the 2nd one.



  4. You know, I say you do what you have to do! If you can’t do needles and/or scalpels (and frankly I really don’t blame you), then do what you know you can handle 🙂

    But 40 hours…..sheeeesh O.o



  5. I can’t believe you stand up to 40 hours of pain.You pretty tough. I am scared of cuts and needles too. Since I am not yet planning to have child,I’ve got the these ideas out of you. Yikes!

    You have distorted definition of tolerance is quite good description of strong woman. Hope you do fine!



    1. Oh I hate doctors who easily suggest’s because it’s easier on them (income wise and time wise!). But the recovery of the wound afterwards? who will suffer?

      If the baby is not in distress, I would rather go through a long labor again than go through a C-section.



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