I’m a late bloomer kind of Gleek

gleeThis really has nothing to do with Dubai or living in Dubai but there is a reason that I’ve been slacking from writing blog posts since the new year started. Being blog-lazy is definitely not my New Year’s resolution.

I’ve been hooked on watching the TV show Glee.

Where have I been all these time, right? Like I just came out of my dark cave to marvel at the elephant footprints when the dust settled down and completely missed the herd running across the cave. Something like that. My brother sent me all the episodes of Glee because he thinks it’s pathetic that everyone is swooning over it the past 18 months but her cave dwelling sister. And maybe because he probably knows dudes like Mr. Schuester is my type. *blush*

I rolled my eyes the first time my Twitter timeline was filled wil Glee tweets in 2009. Rachel Berry this, Finn that, meany Sue Silvester stories here and there. Ha! Now it’s completely your turn to roll your eyes on me. Sorry I was late but I am definitely in the Glee wagon!

In fact, I was so there last night that I slept until 2am to finish Season 1. I was never like this since Ally McBeal ended in 2002.

15 thoughts on “I’m a late bloomer kind of Gleek

  1. I think Mr. Schuester is every women’s type :D.

    I don’t want to see what’s this show about because I don’t to become addicted. I watched one episode of a show (forgot it’s name but it was something about people with supernatural powers) and after I think in 2 or 3 days I finished all the seasons :)).
    .-= Alex@Jocuri´s last blog ..Machiaj pentru vedete =-.


  2. Glee is a fun show, and I totally agree with the feeling of finding something 2 or 3 seasons in – but when you find something late, you have an advantage because you get to watch the first seasons all at once, while everyone else had to wait a week between episodes – no stress or cliffhanger angst! 😉
    .-= Rebekah Zemansky´s last blog ..Ohope Holiday =-.


  3. I totally agree with Rebekah! I have been a total Gleek since it came out. I have to admit that Mr. Schue is really hot but I have my eyes only for Puck! One thing that I also really like about Glee is that they are not only pleasing to the eyes but very talented as well! It’s a really cool show. Anyway, like they always say, better late than never. Enjoy Glee!


  4. Oh man, I was a late bloomer too Grace-You are not alone! I won my sister the first season DVD and as a joke, I started watching it…

    Joke was on ME! I was up ALL night watching back to back episodes O.o

    I’m definitely a gleek now. Lol
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Aloha Friday 29 =-.


  5. I am a Gleek too! My friends were actually the ones who watched the show first. Glee was half-way through Season One when I started watching it. But I was able to watch the other episodes on the net. I think it’s one of the most awesome shows made. Nice one for Ryan Murphy and the rest of the gang.
    .-= Cabarrus DUI Lawyer´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.


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