And off he goes to walk!

He turns one in a few days but he has the energy of a three year old. Only a short while ago, he was holding on to furniture, cruising carefully one little step at a time. Now he would take 4-5 steps on his own and stumble but he never gives up. His eyes light up whenever I clap my hands and praise his little (big) milestone with high pitched mommy voice.

Wasn’t it just yesterday when he tried to sit down? Now my little boy is ready to take over the world.

She’s ok, thank you very much

Thanks for all your comments in the post I wrote about my father in-law. While the commentors were all female (as per the commentor’s name displayed), I hope those busy fathers, Japanese or not would have a chance to read it and rethink their relationship with their children. Honestly, I would want my husband to read that post not because of what his father told me but because he, sometimes, is guilty of the same. Sometimes I feel he puts a lot of priority to his work beyond my understanding that he lacks the time for his only daughter.

cooling sheet

Anyway, I’ve also received comments as to what happened to Pristine’s forehead in the last photo where she bade goodbye to her grandfather. No she isn’t injured or something – thanks so much for all your concern. What she has on her forehead is a FEVER REDUCING COOLING SHEET- just one of the Japanese items she’s recently discovered and amazed with. I’ve bought some just in case she gets feverish during our travel and she found it and put it in her forehead even though she has no fever.


On some days, I get cheek to cheek with celebrities

Pristine obviously don’t know what’s going on

I met Japanese TV personality Becky in Shinjuku a few weeks back. She was in the same electronics shop as we were, looking for her own DSLR camera. Everyone was whispering (The Japanese can only whisper around celebs) but we (ahem, I) had the guts to come to her although without makeup(!) and asked for a picture!

She is popular in tv variety shows with her quirky character. She also stands out in Japan because of her distinct “mudblood” looks. She is half-Japanese and British.