Do you speak baby?

I got this one from Facebook via my friend Abigail. I just LOVE this.

According to Priscilla Dunstan, babies talk to us in their preemptive cry by using five distinctive words indicating their primal ‘needs’ and their feelings: hunger, discomfort, sleepiness, lower gas and burp.

I can’t begin to write how amazing this is and all I can say is: Where was this video three months ago? When I was breaking my head trying to find out what my new baby was trying to tell me!

But I am still thankful to have seen this video now before my baby turns three months. Now, it doesn’t mean that your baby won’t cry anymore – it just helps moms understand their babies better and provide them what they want, lessening their hysterical cries and stress on the mother. AMAZING, amazing, amazing!

We’ve tested this on our baby and now we know better what he needs and it’s very accurate! We are happy and our baby is happier!

Priscilla Dunstan is heaven sent and may her gift of sound help more and more moms and baby carers! This could potentially save lives – and help reduce post partum depression!

Please help me spread the word to people you know who recently gave birth! This video should reach to all new moms!

Completely idiotic Sheikh Zayed road stunts

I’ve written my dislike for driving in Dubai roads before, in dealing with mental drivers who sadly are aplenty. Now the news today took this dislike to a whole new level. A video had been posted in YouTube showing young drivers performing road stunts on Dubai’s main SEVEN LANE highway, Sheikh Zayed Road. A pick up truck intentionally spins and skids across the road while a 4×4 zigzags across six lanes of traffic (cars running at 100kmh) balanced on ONLY TWO WHEELS. This isn’t a show.

Video credit: The National

The images are shocking to say the least and without an arrest as of this writing everyone knows the nationality of these reckless drivers. Where are they now? Somewhere in Dubai waiting to kill people! See the whole WTF maddening story via The National.

Driver of those two vehicles: you stupid, incredibly selfish, bored, spoiled twat!

Come ride the Burj Al Arab elevator

I thought I’d share the elevator ride I took inside Burj Al Arab Hotel (the 2nd tallest hotel building in the world at 321 meters).

The panoramic, glass panel elevator will let you see the emerald green sea below. The elevator travels at 7 meters per second, not the fastest in the world but definitely speedy than the ones I’ve been into before.

Along Sheikh Zayed Road

Today I wanna take you on a ride to Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai’s main highway. There are 6-7 lanes, maximum speed limit of 100 km/h. Lots of idiotic drivers.

This video was taken one morning when the hubs and I were on our way to Jebel Ali. Here you get to see the buildings along SZR, with the world’s tallest building among them. You can also see how our mornings look like here. Basically it’s like this everyday – blue, cloudless skies. Great weather we love except the hideous heat in the summer.

Bread making in fast forward

I just would like to share a scene you can’t see in Dubai if you’re visiting and only been around to what is called “New Dubai” – all those luxurious street, malls and tall buildings part of Dubai.

(We live in the old part of Dubai, away from the glitz and glamour.)

Here’s an Indian bread maker showing off his skills to us when we passed by a small local restaurant where he works. The kitchen is open and if you do see one, I encourage you to stop by and see.

It’s pretty amazing.

First, the bread maker chips off a dough from a huge block of dough made earlier then kneads it, slaps it back to back with his hands (that’s how I see it!), flattens it with a rolling pin then pastes it in a round thing covered in thick cloth. He then sticks the bread to the hot stone oven for cooking.

He uses long steel sticks to pick out the cooked breads and tosses them out to a nearby plastic container. He hasn’t missed a shot! All breads landed in the container, located a few meters away, safely!

Pristine loved the bread making show so much. Before we left, the bread maker gave us a hot stone-baked traditional Indian flat bread called “Naan”, for free. The smell was great and the taste? It was just as fabulous.

Say Queas-y

** I apologise to everyone trying to watch the video I posted here yesterday – I didn’t know the owner suddenly disabled public viewing. Here’s another video, still queasy! **

For those not in Dubai – that means, MOST of the readers in my blog: here’s a video taken from the top of the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Dubai standing at more than 800 meters above the ground.

The Burj Dubai is set to open for the public tomorrow, January 4th, timed to coincide with the celebrations of the fourth anniversary of Shaikh Mohammad’s accession as Ruler of Dubai in 2006. There will be a grandiose fireworks display tomorrow. I hope to be there!!

Meanwhile, back to the vid, I don’t know if I can stomach standing on top of that skyscraper without getting sick (I don’t like heights) so this is as close as I can imagine of how the world down looks like.

All together now: Queasy!!

Hairspray, the microphone not the movie

Totally not going wordless this Wednesday.

We are big on singing in our house. By “we”, I mean, my daughter and me. Being TV-free for more than three years now (no need for sympathy, we like our life this way!), we listen to the radio most of the time except when the DVD is on so we’re pretty updated with the latest hits and excitingly watch out for Ryan Seacrest’s American Top 40 show on the radio.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that Pristine hasn’t watched any episode of American Idol except the one were Kelly Clarkson won (in YouTube). Yeah, that last episode and she’s been a fan ever since.

Here’s Pristine singing impromptu of Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You”. As I’ve said, we don’t have TV, all the antics you see here are all hers (not even mine!).

She’s just 5, so no Simon Cowell type of comments, ok?