I’m never going to have pedicure again

A month ago, I went to a salon to get an ingrown toenail clipped. I never had an ingrown toenail before and I almost never do pedicures (the last time I did was a year ago when a salon offered free service) so I really hesitated going to a salon and spend time there instead of going straight home to the baby. The lady in the salon overdid the cuticle and ingrown toenail removal and I went home with the sides of my toenail bleeding. Days later I could not wear any shoes – my plan to get back to the gym at the start of April became just another April Fool’s day joke. I was limping, in pain and my big toe was inflamed badly.

I thought it would heal by itself until my husband told me this was bad. Some people die from really little wounds left untreated. Internet research tells me I could die too, from scary staph infection.

Death by pedicure, imagine that!! *shudder*

I went to the doctor and was in antibiotics for a week. It’s better now and I can walk properly although still can’t wear closed shoes. I still can’t wrap my head over how a silly thing I dislike could potentially endanger my life! I am a mother, I am not allowed to die!!

So that’s it, I am never going to do pedicures again. Never ever ever. You think my unpolished toe nails are unsexy? That’s your problem.

UPDATE: It wasn’t an ingrown toenail, just a chunk of cuticle that got thick because the last time I went for pedicure was like, more than a year ago!