Weekend with Benjamin

weekend with Benjamin

Hi, how was your weekend?

Mine had been very exhausting yet very rewarding at the same time. I had a date with my son. Benjamin is my 3 and a half years old toddler and I don’t get to spend much time with him as much as I would love to because I work full time 5 days a week. I only have the weekends with my children and I intend to make the most of it every time.


Last weekend, my husband had an event at the Japanese circle where he is a volunteer teaching Japanese language for children (my other child also goes to attend the weekly classes every Saturday). I thought it would be fun to take Benjamin out, and spend the day in his pace, to do whatever he likes. And what he likes is pretty simple – roam around, maybe pass by a toy store, go to a park (not possible in Dubai’s current weather) and most of all, TRAINS!

I took him to ride the Metro and then the tram and we were lucky to be able to see the limited edition specially painted trains!

It was already lunch time when we were approaching Dubai Marina so I thought we’d get down and get on the tram…and then find a restaurant that’s out of our usual go to restaurants in Dubai. We went inside Dubai Marina mall and saw directions to “Pier 7 restaurants”. We’re late to checking out dining outlets at the Marina simply because we live on the other side of Dubai. The week prior, we attempted to go to Pier 7 on a Thursday night and found that most are pubby and not really suitable if with small children. But I want to give it another shot because I’ve read a few reviews…Benjamin and I chose to go to The Scene by Simon Rimmer, level 4 of Pier 7.


When we entered the restaurant, I first saw a pram..so that meant, the dark, pub like joint we saw last Thursday night had more to offer. It was actually nice to see the restaurant during day time.


The restaurant features British-style contemporary menu that has the classics lovers of British cuisine know and love, served in a casual open-plan dining area.


The interiors have that retro feel to it, which I like.

The Scene, Pier 7

The Scene, Pier 7

The place was bustling with weekend diners. It was actually full and with so many families. I had the Entertainer digital voucher on my phone so we even got a great bargain because using that meant, we get one main dish free if we ordered one main dish. Benjamin liked the Chicken Kiev, crispy on the outside and very tender and juicy on the inside with garlic and tarragon butter served with warm coleslaw and roast onion mashed potatoes.

Chicken Kiev

I had the 300g grass fed Angus sirloin steak served with proper chips (yes, they really looked and tasted ‘proper’!) and bernaise sauce. This was new to me as I am not used to having creamy sauce with my steak. Taste wise, it wasn’t bad but I could have wished for a more tender meat for the price.


The Scene was quite a revelation actually. I think I may come back to order their Sunday roast (served on a Saturday as Sunday is a normal work day in the UAE). The people near our table seemed to be enjoying it so it made me curious.Will be back again for sure, so many items on the menu I want to work my way through!

With our tummies full, we once again got on the Metro and chose to stay at the first car. I was standing all the way from Dubai Marina to Deira just so Benjamin could pretend he was a train driver. My legs were dead but my heart was so alive at his ooh’s and aaah’s every time there is an approaching train.

What a lovely weekend we had, had a great exercise by walking, discovered a new restaurant and saw interesting trains. We were back home at 6 pm and asleep by 8!