Dubai fountain is almost here

As the mighty Burj Dubai nears completion, the establishments, residents and tourists are getting ready for it.

The developer has been hurrying up with another milestone – the completion of the world’s largest fountain. Remember about that huge (supposedly bigger than the one at Bellagio in Las Vegas), spectacular fountain I posted before? Well, there had been a rumor circulating that it will be unveiled on Valentine’s Day.

So we went in the morning to see what has become of the Burj Dubai development and the surrounding areas and we came upon this:

Burj Dubai fountain

The surrounding area of the Burj Dubai was filled of emerald green, clean water! They sure were ready to show off the fountain.

Burj Dubai fountain

The Address Hotel looked like a huge boat with all the water below it.

The Address Hotel

So on Valentine’s Day night, we all went, anticipating the fountain display. There was water under the bridge connecting Souk Al Bahar and Dubai Mall.

Souk Al Bahar-Dubai Mall bridge

Strangely when we arrived there was no rush, no traffic on the way and certainly nothing like something big is going to happen that night. Everything was peaceful around the area, except for couples having Valentine dinner or strolling near the lake.

Burj Dubai Lake

The Address hotel looks amazing at night.

The Address Hotel

I asked around and got shrugs. “No, madam, not yet ready!”

Burj Dubai fountain

~ Look closely. There’s someone submerged in the water and working on the fountain! ~

In true Dubai fashion, the fountain show opening was cancelled.  We will be on the lookout and will definitely blog about it when it spurts out and do a show.