Is it really IBS?

Blood Sample

An update about my health.

The chronic stomach pain continued after I published my last post. I spent Friday night waking up to pain, TWICE. Saturday was ok, Sunday was not, Monday not…I’ve lost count.

I’m so tired.

The gastroenterologist ordered complete blood test and liver function test along with full abdominal scan to know what it happening with me. He prescribed medicines for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome – because doctors, they resort to this diagnosis when they are not too sure!) the last time I was there and there had been some improvements – I still have pain attacks but milder though the duration is longer. One time, it started at 9pm and I was only relieved of the pain and slept after midnight.

The blood test revealed I have high count of white blood cells and Eosinophils – a type of white blood cells that will indicate if a person has inflammation or infection. The main functions of eosinophils include involvement in defense against parasites, allergic responses, tissue inflammation and immunity. It is associated with so many diseases that it’s difficult to pinpoint what without further tests.

The scan – they asked me to fast so I did but what they didn’t tell me was that I needed to arrive with a full bladder. I was already very hungry (my appointment was 12 noon and my last meal was 7 pm the previous day!) and on top of that, I was required to chug huge amounts of water to fill my bladder. I drank 10 glasses and waited.

That was one of the shittiest feeling in the world. I almost wanted to throw up!

The nurse said, “Let me know when you can’t really, really hold your pee anymore.” Man, that instruction should include an adult diaper!

My scan showed nothing wrong with my gall bladder (I thought there would be stones or something because that runs in our family), my liver was clean (the radiologist was surprised it is not fatty despite me being overweight, ouch), kidneys fine, spleen ok. “All your organs are beautiful.”

I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you.

Now because it was a full abdominal scan, the ultrasound technician discovered something else: bulky, enlarge uterus and possible PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease). But she said this could not be related to my stomach pain because I’m not feeling the pain in my lower abdomen but upper, right below my rib cage. I need to see an ob-gyn soon.

I can’t have a break. Stomach pain and now, problem with my lady bits. Urgh.

The gastro doctor looked at my test results and only told me to continue the IBS meds. That was it. And to not to take too much stress. I am still in pain, in fact, I am in pain while writing this.

My stomach still reacts badly to a lot of food items that I normally ate before without any problems: raw nuts, coconut milk, or anything with coconuts most especially. And…CHOCOLATES.

So now, I’m to continue taking the medicines for IBS and if there is no improvement for a month (is the doctor insane or what? I CANNOT live another month like this – pain attacks almost everyday!!), I will have to undergo endoscopy and stomach biopsy.

But first of all, I may need to find another doctor!

I feel like I only spent a fortune to be told, “your organs are beautiful” and nothing else. No proper diagnosis, no probable solution.

P.S. The funny thing is, the doctor asked me: “Are you eating lots of food from tin cans, drinking milk, soda, eating processed food like sausages and deli meats, high intake of carbohydrates? Because that could cause stomach issues.” I don’t eat any of those foods.