Wandering around Dubai like a real tourist, Day 2: Springs, Dubai

After a very hectic Day 1, we planned a low key day by going to the Springs, an expat villa  community in Dubai where we were invited by a family friend for a post-Christmas party. When you go there, you would think some magic spell had been cast on you and that you’ve been transported to somewhere else. I don’t know where but just not in desert land. It is full of greens all around, with lakes (man made). Just beautiful.

Plumeria in Springs

The Springs community is a great place for families with children. There is a green space right at the back of each house and Pristine is always delighted when we go there.

Pristine in Springs

Around the lake is a walking/jogging course – there’s no way you could be fat in the Springs with this big chance to exercise right near you!

Springs Dubai

The line of villas in Springs community:

Springs Dubai

My mother told me, “is there any chance in the world we could live here, too?”. Oh mom, if only! Not only the villa rents are expensive, Springs community is around an hour and a half drive from where I work (though I still believe the commute is worth it).

My friend thinks about the possibility of moving to Dubai IF she’ll live in this community!

Springs Dubai

RENT for a two-bedroom villa starts at $40,000 per year. No, renters are not feeling any effect of the global recession here – the rents are still unbelievably rising!

We had a barbecue party in the backyard and had a great time eating and talking and just lazying around. Ah, I need more days like this!

On Day 3, my friend and I are up for really serious walking and touring the city on our own – no car. Just buses, taxis, Abras and lots of luck to get to our destination on time.