World’s longest arch bridge in Dubai (soon)

I heard it in the radio news a few days ago, Dubai plans to build the world’s longest arch bridge at a cost of a stunning 3 billion dirhams ($816 million).

sixth crossing bridge.jpg

The mega bridge will measure 1,600 meters with an arch 205 meters high and 667 meters long. At 64 meters wide, the bridge will accommodate 12 lanes of traffic and a metro line running down its center. Sounds really promising to ease the present traffic gridlock in the present bridges over the Dubai Creek at the moment.

The bridge is modelled in the shape of an arch and it could be viewed like an acoustic wave forming a tone or like a dune or new moon in Dubai night.


Beautiful, isn’t it? But don’t get too excited now, the bridge is said to be completed in four years – and we all know that everything comes to slow motion (including construction)¬†during the peak of summer here.