The desert metropolis, from afar

I discovered a new off the beaten path part of Dubai a couple of days back, away from the touristy center but still having a great view of Sheikh Zayed Road (the road where the tall buildings are) at night.

Burj Dubai sunset

M (my hubby) took me to Za’abeel, an area very near to Sheikh Zayed Road where one can see Dubai’s beautiful skyline during sunset. He longed to take me there and I am glad he did. I had to tell him to park the car when I saw the view. I get excited with tall buildings – especially those with a lovely backdrop like this.

Burj Dubai sunset

He also took me very near Sheikh Mohammed’s (ruler of Dubai) royal palace. I think taking photos is not allowed so I can only share the details the way I saw it. The main entrance resembles the Arc de Triomphe┬áin Paris, only with a bunch of golden horses on top. The Sheikh loves horses. Inside were colorful water fountains and lots of guards – we sped away before they ask us what we’re doing near the palace!

M said we’ll come back during daytime and take Pristine with us because there are so many peacocks roaming in that vast green area. Pristine gets really excited with peacocks now. Let’s just say that these flirty birds are her latest obsession. I still have a difficult time explaining to her that the pompous one was actually the male (or the boy peacock as she calls it). I think she’ll finally understand that fact a few years from now.

I’ll definitely take any guests coming to that silent strip, away from the chaos and traffic but offering a superb view.

Burj Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road

Do you have a favorite “off the beaten path” in your area?