I won the Trivia Challenge again

Thank you very much for all your comments in the previous post. I am still working on our apartment problem and hopefully write something positive about that soon.

On the other hand, I have one good news – I won the Trivia Challenge again on the radio last week. This is my second time winning it, the first time was last April. The prize is 1,000dhs (US$270) to Home Center – a home furniture store I really like.

The Trivia Challenge is a game played every morning from Sunday-Thursday at a radio station here in Dubai. There’ll be one contestant per day and the one that gets the highest score at the end of the week, which is Thursday, gets the prize. I played last Monday and maintained the highest score until Thursday!

As usual, I was so nervous and hate my voice on the radio but I really wanted to get a new bed for Pristine! 😉

I’m really not that articulate and despise my radio voice but had to put the audio clip here for you to listen. The questions weren’t that hard!

Do let me know if you have trouble listening to the audio clip. Thanks!

Me and Steven Tyler, we have a story

iomega ego

This blazing red little devil? I call (him? not sure) it, Steven Tyler.

Right after coming back from vacation, I was at home for two weeks doing all kinds of housekeeping stuff. I cleaned closets, arranged and rearranged furnitures and finally tackled the very slow PC. The hub’s 5 year old Vaio was choking to death with my photos, especially right after I got the SLR camera. It was practically on the verge of puking out the excess data. I hate burning files on DVD-R’s and wished for a portable hard disk drive. Of course after our vacation from Japan, we didn’t have a budget for a portable hard disk drive. You bet I am poor or stingy, but basically poor.

Right when I was growing white hairs on my head thinking of what to do with my file dilemma, the radio DJ said they’re holding a contest to win a portable hard drive! The universe listened to my woe so I had to act! It was offering me a chance to solve my problem, how can I pass up with that?

So I sent an sms hoping they’d call me back. And with the power of the universe, yeah folksies, they DID call me back. They explained the rule of the game – the one that involved someone on the other end of the line, on hold scoring 5 when they asked her to name ROCK BANDS.

The rule was simple: whoever names the most rock bands in TEN SECONDS wins.

Deep in my heart, I know I HAD to win. My files needed a new home, remember? I didn’t like them squatting in someone’s PC for long. They needed rescuing. I had to name more than 5 to win.

Obviously me and rock bands don’t match. And the DJ counting ten seconds loudly distracted me so much. Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, The Scorpions, Ac/Dc, (voice breaking) Boyzone?…see how stupid I was to mention Boyzone as a rock band. It’s like the insult to rock bands that will end all insult to rock bands. Of course, it was not counted!

I only named 5 too.

So there had to be a tie-break question. The DJ said in the count of 3, me and the girl on the other line should shout another rock band name. And we did. We mentioned the same rock band, at the same time. Another tie-break scheme has to be done!

At this point, my mom was ready to call an ambulance. My heart was pounding so fast. Jeez, all because of a hard drive. If I knew it was this hard, I could’ve just bought! Or not.

The DJ said the one last obstacle question: “Shout as loud and as fast as you can, WHO IS THE LEAD SINGER OF THE ROCK BAND….(in my head, I said over and over Aerosmith, Aerosmith, Aerosmith pleeeaassse) AEROSMITH?”

From the top of my lungs, I shouted, almost blowing away the phone from my mouth. “STEVEN TYLER!” The girl on the other end of the line was silent.

I had won the 320GB portable HD I really, really wanted. My files now have a new home, a big one too! Thanks to the universe and Steven Tyler. (see? I told you we have a story!)

And speaking of Beyonce

So it’s 6:30 pm, Sunday and this must be the longest time I’ve kept pacing back and forth thinking what to write on my blog. Do I write tidbits about our recent vacation to Japan? or about this morning when Pristine missed the bus because she asked me to take her to school since this is my last day at home (before returning to work tomorrow) or about our weekend trip to Abu Dhabi to see Beyonce?

Oh that! I’ve decided that I wanted to talk about Beyonce. But, but…there are loads of photos I need to resize, edit or watermark and it’s 6:30 pm already. I’m making dinner. The stew is boiling. So in line with the Beyonce story and with my lack of time, I’ve decided to do the shortcut – post a video of a fan I interviewed on the morning after Beyonce’s concert.

Listen to her talk and please dont hold me accountable for all that bad hair.

Beyonce’s the added bonus

I‘ve been staying at home for more than a week after our vacation. Every year the expatriates in my company get 30 days of paid leave along with round trip tickets to our respective home countries. It’s like slaving for 11 months and recharging for one full month or relaxing for one month so we can survive the next eleven months of work with only one day off per week, however you put it.

Anyway, we came back last Saturday, October 17 and I’ve been staying at home since. I have another week of this homely bliss before going back to work again. Oh yes, I am dreading the day as it nears because I am enjoying my time home MORE than my time on vacation.

So what have I been up to at home?

Well I’m still waking up at 5:30 in the morning on school days so no need to envy me – I don’t have extra bedtime on those days. However, my greatest joy is that I am able to get reacquainted with my old recipe books and cook a lot. Cook food that I won’t be able to when I have my full time work. I am able to wait for my daughter’s bus and see her smiling as she gets down and hug me. We get to bond in the afternoon, sitting together to do her assignments, cook afternoon snacks, watch a DVD or just read books in bed. No restrictions on the number of books, she picks ’em, I read ’em. All.

Internet and PC at home is so slow so I haven’t written blog posts as much as I wanted to. I did write about my brother in-law’s wedding and posted the photos.

beyonceBefore I forget, there’s one exciting thing that’s happened, in case you missed my announcement in Twitter. I’ve won FOUR tickets to Beyonce’s concert in Abu Dhabi via a radio contest!! !! I know some of you must have thought the announcement is me being preggers but no, not yet happening.

The contest to win the tickets was easy – you only have to be the caller on line 4 (the radio station apparently had 12 phone lines open) when they play Beyonce’s Single Ladies song. The song was played around 9:45 pm and I was there in front of the radio, listening since 7 pm, as were hundreds of other listeners in Dubai, waiting for that song while my thumb is on the call button of my phone. I’m known for my focus a.k.a. “desperation”.

Anyway, so we’re going to this one fab concert in time for the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi on October 29 (which happens to be the hubs’ birthday). I’ve never been to a concert, ever so this is something I really, really look forward to! The best part? The concert tickets I won aren’t sold anywhere – it’s an exclusive invitation sort of thing. Maybe I can get to see Beyonce up close? Who knows!

it would be fun to win!

I’ve been wanting to join a contest on my favorite radio station every morning called The Trivia Challenge for quite a while now. I love trivias and the prize up for grabs is not cheap: 1000 dhs ($367) of restaurant voucher at a posh hotel!

It seems easy when I am inside the car, listening to the announcer read the questions and I would sometimes laugh at how some people can’t answer to simple questions. They always say, it’s easier when you’re listening on the radio but tough when you’re on the spot. That comment made me chicken out so many times than necessary but this morning, I finally gathered all my fighting spirit and signed up for the trivia challenge via SMS.

Well, they called me back and I was on!

The rule is simple, you just have to answer as many questions as you can in 60 seconds. There’s going to be one contestant everyday and at the end of the week (Thursday), whoever gets the highest score, walks away with that dinner voucher.

I answered 10 questions out of 13 that were asked of me. Ah, I could’ve done better! I missed two questions just because I can’t make out what the female DJ was babbling – she’s British, and her English is sometimes too slang for me! The other question, I really didn’t know the answer to. Ten is not a bad score considering it’s my first time and how I trembled while holding my phone but a beatable one! So, until Thursday, I will be here, pacing nervously, sweating profusely, crossing my fingers, hoping no one beats my humble score of ten!

My husband recorded my radio stint with his cellphone so I might post the audio clip here for all of you to smack me back to my senses why I missed to answer the other three questions! 🙂

4/20 (Mon): trivia challenger (female) scored 7!

4/21 (Tue): trivia challenger (another female) scored 9! So close!! I was almost breathless while listening to her this morning.

4/22 (Wed): trivia challenger was a male and I know males score high in the trivia challenge. Kind of lost my spirits there especially the first few questions hurled at him were EASY! As usual, it was hard to breathe normally while the challenge was on. He scored 8!! I let out a big YEEESSSS!!! Tomorrow’s going to the be the last day. Let’s see if no one beats my score of 10. You know what? I am almost tempted to do my happy dance but it’s too early so I’ll save it for tomorrow, if I win!!

4/23 (Thurs): Last day of the week for the trivia challenge. Female challenger is on…I am breathless…she scored…7!!! I won! I won!

She’s on air!

Pristine was on the radio a few nights back, dialing the number by herself and talking to the DJ. She even requested a song! Listen!


We tried the number so many times but couldn’t get through. Five minutes left and the show will be over – I sent an sms message asking the DJ to pick up the phone and he did! Thanks so much, DJ Moe, if you’re reading this. You made Pristine’s birthday extra special.

Guess who was on the radio?

The local radio hosted by the always perky pair called Neil and Vicky announced a contest which you can win a free trip to London to see Rihanna live in concert on March 7.

Neil said, “Keep the sms coming everyone, say you’d love to enter and we’ll select two contestants and one of them will be joining us in the finals on March 3. We pay for your tickets, your hotel and you will see the concert for free.”

I was clutching my cellphone, now severely wet with hand sweat. Extremely nervous yet I know I had to do this. I have chickened out on joining the morning trivia day after day but this is a free trip, how can I pass up with that!?

I sent my SMS declaring my love to go to London but I know I just had to make a way to get their attention to choose me among the pool of contestants (there are literary hundreds of entries already). I found a way to grab their attention and in a few minutes, they called and I was in the contest! There was another lady on the line and the first one to answer two questions out of three goes to the final on March 3!

There is a little twist to the concert rule, however: you have to shout your name if you know the answer. It felt funny shouting my daughter’s name but I guess it is easier than shouting my own name, don’t you think so?

All questions were about London and Rihanna:

  • In what city can you find the House of Parliament? — After shouting Akari! I answered London. One
    point for me.
  • Which of these three songs are not Rihanna’s? (a) Unfaithful (b)Don’t Stop the Music (c) Faraway

— I shouted my daughter’s name again. (a)?. It was wrong. Sheez, I don’t know anything about Rihanna except for the song Umbrella!!

The other contestant also answered incorrectly so we’re on to the next question.

  •  What is the name of London’s underground line. Is it (a) Tramway (b) Subway (c) Tube.

I shouted, Akari (I feel really ridiculous this time)! At the same time the other lady shouted, Tube! Since the rule is to shout your name and then you answer, I should have answered the question but the announcers were confused since the other lady insisted she’d be given the point since she shouted the correct answer.

To break the cat fight  settle, Neil and Vicky added another question. In what city can you find the Carmichael (don’t know if this is the right question, I am not sure). I had no idea. She answered Manchester. We are tied now.

Last question to break the tie,

What tube line should you use when going to Heathrow Airport from London?

This I know by heart when we were making travel plans on our trip to London 2 years ago. Akari! Picadilly Line! That’s it. I am in for the finals!!

Can you tell that I am excited or what! I can barely type…as if I didn’t spill all the nauseating details in this post alone! If I get lucky, I might go to London and see Rihanna!! I’m not really a fan but I haven’t been to a concert my entire life. Wooo hooo!

I know it’s too early to celebrate but this is my blog! lol
For the meantime, you all pray for me that my opponent on the final is not a British expat!