I could get used to this elf-like surprise!

This will be short and sweet.

Baby Ben and I took a nap. It was Friday and there’s only three of us home. Me and the two kids, as most Fridays. We have no house help on Friday, a weekend here in the UAE where people go have their day off.

And because our house help is having her day off, I don’t have mine.

The living room looks like there had been a hurricane that passed.

There’s something is piling up in the laundry room.

Don’t get me started on the kitchen.

Baby Ben is extra clingy on my day off, because six days of the week, I am an absentee mom at day time. I gladly spend time with him and with Pristine (our other child, 9 years old) because the dirty dishes can wait.

And the sun is always shining in Dubai so I can always wash the dirty laundry tomorrow.

In short, I am exhausted on Fridays. So I take a nap in the afternoon. That is my sacred hour. And I feel I’ll nearly die and won’t survive another work week if I don’t have that important Friday afternoon nap.

Baby Ben and I went to the room after I cleaned up a partial amount of mess and Pristine was in the living room, reading something on the internet. I told her she can take a nap too if she likes. She nodded.

I woke up after two hours to…. a very clean house!

There were no objects on the living room floor, the baby books have been kept back in the shelf, the laundry outside had been taken in and folded, the dishes on the kitchen sink washed too. And I saw her with the biggest, proudest smile.

When I asked her why,

“Because I saw your blog post mama. Not minimalist enough but at least it’s cleaner now.”

That moment, I felt I am the luckiest mother in the world.