Mock them and they’ll mock you back

There’s a palace in Za’abeel that’s one of our favorite off the beaten paths here in Dubai. Peceful, quiet and with lots of green. Green is good when you’re in the desert.

We couldn’t get past the heavily guarded Tromphe de Arc look-alike gate so we settle with looking around the lush vegetation but didn’t expect interesting creatures to appear.

While we get closer to the palace gate, we hear some sounds, “aaack!, aaack!” or at least that’s how it sounded in my ears.


We get closer. Quick, they are trying to hide!


Closer and there, we caught one.


Doesn’t he look proud? and galant and beautiful and…


Mighty FLIRTY?

And the others had to show off their beauty too. Oh, the transparency of the male species.


They heard me talking nasty behind their backs and so this bloke gave me this.


They won’t accept that they’re show offs and flirts but I’ve got photographic evidence so I win.

Any interesting creatures in your midst today?