Mother’s Day 2011

Last Monday was UAE (UK) Mother’s Day here.  Pristine had been telling me that they’re making something for moms at school and her teacher told them it’s a secret. I left it at that but she came to me and whispered: “It’s supposed to be a secret but I love you mom so I’m telling!”

Just as I expected. The girl couldn’t keep anything to herself for 5 minutes!

“I made you a card mom!”

So I got my card and it was the cutest thing. She’s been giving me Mom’s Day cards since she was 3 but this time, her writing is more legible, her sentences clear.

The front of the card has some doilies they cut to form an angel’s body and wings, along with sprinkles of shiny glittering stuff. It has her face photo in it and it says: “I’m your little angel”

little angel

Inside, she scribbled her thoughts:

mothers day

It says,

Dear mama,

Happy Mother’s Day mama. I love you up to space.
You are a special mother to me and I would give you all my love in the world today.
I love you so much.
I would hug you forever.
I love you mama!


Pristine’s teacher said she doesn’t know where Pristine got the phrase “I love you up to space”. I had to smile. I always tell her every night, “I love you to the moon and back”. At first she just looked at me with eyes so wide but speechless. A few weeks later, she learned to answer “if you love me up to the moon and back, I love you up to space!”