Night person, morning person couple

For the past couple of weeks, Pristine had been sleeping with us in a day bed connected to ours because for some strange reason, she gets blocked nose in the middle of the night at the other room. We don’t mind because it even has benefits – we are ‘forced’ to sleep earlier and thus wake up earlier and more refreshed.

So it’s safe to say that lately, I’ve been sleeping at 8:30 pm. I’m ready for pre-school.

The problem is – there are nights when she snores. A lot. That granny type of snore. The one that refuses to go away even if I move her. And me? I am a light sleeper. If my husband starts snoring in the future (knock on wood), I guess one of us had to transfer to the other room or file for divorce. I’ve not been sleeping well for the past days because of her snoring loud. I asked my mom to take Pristine just for one night while I cope up with my lack of sleep. Pouting however, off to the other room she went.

I woke up when the husband came home at 11pm after afternoon shift from work (that ended at 10pm). He saw the kid was not there. He smiled.

Stop. It’s not about that.

It’s not like we need to get something done and a child in our bedroom is a disturbance. *cough cough*

The man is a night owl. He changed into his pajamas, lay down beside me and started… CHATTING – about his day at work, his lunch, the news today, Arnold Schwarzenegger, among other things. The man just couldn’t stop! I was only half awake. His chatting marathon lasted for 2 hours!

Dude, I have work tomorrow!

Husband: “It’s my day off tomorrow.”

…that’s why he’s talking like there’s no end. Because he has no work tomorrow and he can sleep in! And also said because it’s the only time we can really talk without interruption.

Point taken, yeah but I really wanted some sleep and by the time he dozes off, I’d probably be waking up to pee again and again. (tiny pregnant bladder is the evil)

By the way, we’ve been married for 8 years today. Though sometimes these sleepless nights get to me, I still look forward to more years with the same man…and a lot of stories together!

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