Another trip coming up!


We’re having a 3 day weekend! Today is national holiday for Al Hijra or Islamic New Year. If you live in the UAE, what are you up to for this long weekend? It’s family time for me and some trip planning! Yes, even before I finished writing and publishing my travel stories about Austria, I find myself researching for my next destination.

And this one landed on my lap unexpectedly.

I won 2 x business class tickets with Fly Dubai and I get to choose to fly to any of their destinations!! How awesome is that! Free plane tickets. BUSINESS CLASS. It’s hard to contain the excitement even if I have no more work leave credits left!

So where will I go? Can you help me decide? I plan to go late November/early December. My top choices are:

1. PRAGUE (Czech Republic)


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Prague ranks #1 in my preference for place to go on this trip because of so many reasons: I have never been there. I love Europe. I have almost forgotten what a real winter feels like AND, the Christmas market! Plus, I have a friend who lives near Prague. It’s a great chance to see her!


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2. ZANZIBAR (Tanzania)


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Zanzibar is a Tanzanian archipelago off the coast of East Africa. AFRICA. I would like to say, “I’ve been to Africa!” Tanzania is also located in the Southern Hemisphere, which makes very appealing in my travel book – I’ve never been to any place below the equator!

This ranks as my #2 preference to go because…it’s warmer than Prague.

3. SOFIA (Bulgaria)


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Sofia is dubbed as Europe’s most affordable capital with a night in a four-star hotel goes for less than $100. The dinner tab for two with a bottle of house wine runs about $40. And cab fare costs less than $1 a mile.

I don’t know anything about Bulgaria. I’d never met a Bulgarian (except seen one on TV – a sumo wrestler in Japan who was very handsome by the way), I’ve never met anyone who’s been to Bulgaria. I don’t know anything about Bulgaria, and that was actually a good reason to go.

4. Bratislava (Slovakia)

Panoramic view of Bratislava, Slovakia

Panoramic view of Bratislava, Slovakia

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I’ve read about this Slovakian city in many travel blogs that I follow. Bratislava ranks to Europe’s most relaxed capitals, because everything is in close vicinity, reachable within few minutes walking distance. Vienna is very close at only 80 km away so I rank this as my #4 preference to visit because I could visit Bratislava when I go back to Vienna…yes, I will definitely be going back to Vienna!

5. Male (Maldives)

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

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Last in my preferred destination to go because I’ve been to the Maldives in 2014! But still looking at these photos like this of the beach, who wouldn’t want to go again if given the chance, right?

Fly Dubai operates between a total of 94 destinations, serving the Middle East, North Africa, East Africa the Indian subcontinent, Asia and Europe from Dubai.

YOU – which one would you choose and why?