Kodak photo contest

2nd place

Thank you very much to all who heeded my plea and left a comment on my photo entry at the Kodak contest. I appreciate each and every one of them. Unfortunately, my entry did not earn the most number of comments so I didn’t win first prize. I was however, a runner-up, which is great.

It’s ok but then I realize (I am new to this Facebook stuff) that for example, in contests like this, it’s not how beautiful or how deserving your entry is but how many friends you have, the time you spend in campaigning – poking your friends and leaving pleas here and there and MOST importantly, how many of them are willing to take the trouble to do a favor on your behalf.

Also, I have realized that specifically, for photo contests, it would have been better for the contest host to SCREEN the entries first so people only vote for the entries that are really presentable/deserving to win. Why? Because what if a Facebooker submits his borish photo ID (or any borish picture for that matter) and gets a lot of support from friends, friends’ friends? Then he/she wins just because he has the most number of votes regardless of the quality of the photo entered.

PLUS if the winning photo is crap, the hosting party will have to cringe when they announce the result of the contest.

Just a thought. But still would like to thank the wonderful people at Kodak ME for hosting the contest and giving everyone that opportunity to win some cool prizes. Apparently, I will get a Kodak M series digital camera. I can’t thank my friends enough for making this happen!


Anyway, moving on, I had a rough day¬†at work, a week even last week. Let’s just say if I were a really impulsive person with a huge backup money, I would have filed for my resignation already. That bad.

Hope we’ll all have a fabulous week this week!