hot weather Dubai

Dubai summer is well and truly here

hot weather Dubai

Yesterday’s five word weather should be: “Not advisable to go outside!”

I walked for only 10 minutes outside at midday and I thought I’d die. No exaggeration! Yesterday was the hottest in Dubai since the start of summer with the temperature tipping at more than 40C (104F). Next stop? 50C (122F) as forecasters say (with very high humidity levels that kill). Think you’re inside an oven or a steam cooker plus bonus of hair dryer in your face!

When I got home, my daughter Pristine who goes to school here was not feeling well and telling me:

“Mom, we were made to stay outside during our break, for 40 minutes!”

WTF. What kind of school and teachers in their sane minds would allow children to be outside during this hot summer season in the desert?

To make matters worse, she said older students from Year 6, 7 and 8 were inside the temperature controlled buildings (aircon overload), along with most of the teachers. BTW, most of the teachers seem to don’t mind the sun or the heat – they are from cold countries and they came here seeking the sun!

This is simply unacceptable.

I was forced to write a strong email to the teacher that if they insist on letting the children stay outdoors for the sake of “getting some sun” or “outdoor air”, we will be pulling out our daughter earlier as planned (school will end on the 25th June yet) because we cannot afford for her to get sick before our long flight next week!

But seriously, REALLY, children sweating outside (the school ground where they eat their snacks/lunch is covered but it is still hot!) and then coming into cold air-conditioned classrooms? That is like inviting cough and colds with open arms.

thawing season begins

Date: March 31st

Time: 1:30 pm

Weather: Sunny (blue skies), little wind

Temperature: 38C (100F)

Sounds unbearable, I know, but since the humidity is still low everyone can walk normally outside and not melt.

Once M and I had a conversation on our way to work. I told him that it’s already getting hotter at midday but surprisingly, somehow I still feel ok.

“It’s only because you are staying inside an airconditioned office. But I don’t know if the laborers working outside feels ok about this heat and it’s still March.”, he replied.

The heat outside didn’t seem to bother me because my body is too cold (from the freezing aircon setting in the office) to feel it and I don’t go out for more than 10 minutes. So today, I walked outside for 30 minutes and knew that the real deal hot summer is finally greeting us desert dwellers hello.

Morning and night temperature is still very comfortable at 24C. Right now, it’s only the midday heat we have to deal with.